Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Making aprons, making memories...

To say I am busy this week would be a major understatement. What, with preparing for the girls' birthday party.. which includes making aprons... baking one batch of cupcakes for said party and another for her school... I'm also busy entertaining my parents, showing them the sights of New Jersey...
On Sunday, we visited a local historic house. It was bitterly cold and I forgot my camera... all in all,  I didn't get the most from the experience. Had I remembered my camera, I would have had some beautiful shots... as it is I have nothing... I was so disappointed. I really have to get into the habit of carrying it on my person at all times (something that doesn't come naturally to me). Looking on the bright side, it does give me an excuse to visit there another day (preferably a warmer one) and capture those missed shots!

Anyhoo, the week started miserably here (weather-wise)... we even had a few snow flurries... just a window into what is in store for us here in New Jersey! With the wind blowing a hooey (I picked up this turn of phrase in Blogland and have been waiting to use it), my mum and I decided to get cracking on those aprons. What do you think? The one below is the prototype (my mum didn't want me to post it... she's a perfectionist... I thought it looked perfect... well, to me they did)... she has assured me that they are getting better with each successive one. My kitchen is like a little production shop at the moment! I might even get the kiddies on the production line... second thoughts...

I have to admit, my mum did a good chunk of the sewing, but I had a hand in every step (well almost ;-)... I'm just much slower than she is!  She really is an excellent teacher, though... so patient and encouraging... (even though I knew she could see me making mistakes and taking an age to do every little bit)

It's been so long since my mum and I have had this type of relationship. By the time you hit the mid-30's, these situations become less commonplace... all in all, this whole exercise has reminded me what it was like growing up with this fabulous woman. Tutoring me through life... her kindness, patience, and just always being there to help me when I needed her... hearing her words of encouragement (when I thought I couldn't do something)...

I will hold all these memories close in my heart forever. Making these birthday favors have strengthened the image that I hold dear of my mum...  and, at the same time, we are creating new memories for my daughters, too! This truly is priceless...

Hope you are all having a fantastic week. Thank you for baring with me during these lean blog times! Hope you all understand.


  1. Adorable aprons and priceless memories - perfect! Enjoy!

  2. I love these photos, Laura! I know what you mean. Once you become a mum, you're the teacher. It's not often you're the child again. Oh, and how do you do your watermark, you clever cookie? J x

  3. What do I think? I think I love them, and you should make one as a giveway, and I'll enter 50 times! Fantastic Laura. Your little lady is adorable. It's going to be a great party. x

  4. Hi Laura
    Ok - I must have checked your blog a hundred times! Thank God you finally posted...I was missing you. Aprons are fantastic! Looking forward to Thursday - don't back out on me :0)

  5. Goodmorning Laura,
    These aprons are too cute, well done you! and making these memories, priceless! I'm glad you posted and I always am glad when I see you visited my little corner, so thanks for that!
    And hooey? Really? (ok, I honestly don't even know what it means...)
    Enjoy your Wednesday hon, and your mum totally rocks to do this with you, take care!
    Maureen x

  6. hello gorgeous...i ADORE those aprons!

    what a wonderful way to spend time with your special mum...creating those beautiful aprons party gifts for your girls....

    M looks totally gorgeous!!!!!!!!! what a cutie...

    It's all a lovely big balance...but somehow with your mum & {step} dad ...it's just different isn't it!

    M might have snow at her party! don't think we can even claim it's autumn anymore...we've had 5 deg here all week!

    keep creating & enjoying that wonderful woman!
    melissa xx

  7. How lovely for you to spend this time with your Mum - very special and the aprons look lovely - hope the birthday party goes well - don't forget your camera!!

  8. I'm so glad to hear that you are having such a marvelous time with your mother visiting, learning to sew to boot!! The aprons are going to be lovely and what a nice party favor {your darling daughter is going to have a perfect party!!}.

    I know what you mean about learning from your mother at a later age...they do become teachers all over again as we learn to tread new waters. How I wish mine were still here with her words of knowledge and experience.

    Enjoy your week...busy as it may be! :-)


  9. Great work on the apron - and what a super cute model! :) Sounds like you're having a great time with your mum, it's wonderful to have these chances to make these new memories xx

  10. Amazing aprons - what lucky party goers. Sounds like you are having a memorable time with your mum...that's very precious. x

  11. oooh what a lovely idea....who doesn't love a pinny??


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