Thursday, April 26, 2012

What a lovely Spring...

Hello, there...
I'm still here. I've just been a busy bee finishing off projects (and starting new ones) around this old place... I tell you what, your work is never done when you're living in an old rickety house like this one! I have to say, though, while the sun has been shining, I have been neglecting the old indoors and spending as much time as possible in the garden. Now that, my dears, is food for the soul!

I don't think I am ever happier than when there's dirt under my nails, the sun on my face, and a nice cuppa in my hand (the best reward after grafting all day in the garden).

So, "What have you been up to?" I hear you ask... well, let me tell you, we have shifted three tonne of gravel, laid umpteen stepping stones, cleared a zillion tree roots and finally have a path which leads us all the way from the front gate to the back door! This is a huge deal in this little old house, as it now means I can get from the front door to the back without the need for wellies... Thank you for small mercies.

I was hoping to pop a picture up on the old blog showing the spoils of our labour, but alas it was raining, so you will have to wait... I promise, I will get some up here (pinky promise)... I also owe you some bathroom shots... yep, I did eventually finish that, too... I'm just so behind on pictures... You know, I find that with this blogging malarkey, it's not the writing which takes up my time (writing's like talking for me; I always have plenty to say), it's the pictures I struggle with. I have a million and one things I want to share with you, but never have the pictures to back it up!

 Anyhoo, hopefully I'll get better, as the hubby bought a new DSLR camera (I dropped the old DSLR and smashed the screen)... he has (cautiously) said I can use his, so, with this new gadget, I might finally get around to getting those piccies (weather permitting).

Meanwhile, here are some Spring shots taken a couple of weeks ago, when everything was just starting to bud... the garden now looks like it's mid-May... Oh, and it has a lovely path leading to the front of the house... Did I mention that?

Right-o, I best be off... it's getting late and I'm sure a gal that needs her beauty sleep!
Have a great weekend!

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