Wednesday, November 17, 2010

An English corner shop in NYC

Today, we took a trip into NYC.. Boy, do I love this city... although when I was doing the 9-5 grind here everyday, I couldn't wait to get on the Path train and head back to NJ.

Nowadays, the visits are few and far between... largely due to the logistical challenges of mooching around with a 4-year old and 2-year old in tow... How native New Yorkers do this is beyond me...

I can tell that my eldest has been removed from this lifestyle when she asked if we could just drive around rather than walk.... memories of apartment life and trawling around parks have all but been forgotten for this little one,  and she is definitely a 'burbs girl!

Anyhoo, any visit to NYC has to involve a trip to Myers of Keswick. A little English corner shop in the center of the Village. This place gives me my fix of all things English (although the price tag lets me know that I'm definitely not in the UK). Not only does it sell all manner of English household-named goodies, but it also offers a great selection of homemade pasties, sausage rolls, and, just for the season... mince pies! Mmmm, if I close my eyes I could be in a quaint corner shop in Keswick..... except when I open the door, the bells jingle and I'm right back on Hudson Street... a few blocks from Perry Street (where the legendary Carrie lived on Sex In the City)...

I so hoped to capture more shots, but the battery ran out on my camera... lesson learned... remember camera and batteries...

I'm learning all this the hard way, though... I even joked that I could have been part of the papparazzi for the day, as we spied Ralph Fiennes sitting outside a coffee shop... Liv Tyler walking down 6th Avenue, and John Mayer looking moody near the Blue Note...

Hope you're all having a great week.
Take care.


  1. i want to come mooch around those NY streets with you and your girls...
    you are very lucky to have all this on your doorstep sweet...your girls will one day be big enough to realise it again!
    hope you had a little british fix...the shop looks the big old brit flag in the window...please tell me it's run by english not just wouldn't be the same!
    is your mum still there....she flys all the way from the UK to pop into a little UK!!
    will check for your email with address dear friend...
    melissa xxx

  2. oh my this is brilliant...this is my old neighbourhood and just what I was writing about.....i used to get sausages and a cuppa from Peter at Myers and would indulge in my favourite (albeit most expensive...) welsh rarebit at Tea & Sympathy and catch up on the UK gossip with Nicky Perry....happy daze!!

  3. I just love John Mayer - one of my favorite singers ever. Sounds like a wildly successful day. Is Keswick the name of a real town I should check out? I have so much to learn! XO

  4. Hi laura, i am sooooo jealous!!! i wish i could just pop out for the day - into new york! it looks amazing! thankyou for sharing this! I just realised i hadnt been `following`you, i was sure that i had been, will fix it now, so sorry...
    laura c xxx

  5. Hope you found some goodies to take home and enjoy from the English corner shop!


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