Monday, September 5, 2011

Little house ♥...

Hello there...First of all, I would like to say a B-I-G 'thank you' for all of your lovely comments. They really did put a smile on my face in an otherwise yucky time. So, I'm back, after quite a rollercoaster week... I'll not go into details (because there are many), but I will tell you that the exit from the cabin was hairy... trees down, crazy flooding... oh, and I picked up food poisoning en route home. Needless to say, I was very ill and not at all prepared for dealing with the damage that Hurricane Irene had left in our little home.

Anyhoo, I'll fast-forward to Friday... power finally restored, basement pumped and hot water back. Life is pretty much as it was pre-storm. We really had it lucky... other inland residents suffered terribly and my heart really does go out to them. Nature, while beautiful, can sometimes be so cruel...

So, here I am again. Appreciating my little home that bit more... loving it's tiny cozy rooms, and so proud that our teeny old creeky house stood up to the storm. We definitely didn't think she had it in her. When the winds are blowing a hooey outside, it creeks and groans and we always joke that it'll be whipped up into the air and dropped on a witch somewhere (the witch role is substituted at times)... but it made it!!! Apparently, she was built well (and I thought the contractor was kidding when he told me it was well-made the other week). So, if you look past the wonky windows, sloping floors, and totally impractical layout, you will see a pretty sturdy and much-loved home.

Okay, I've finshed gushing about how much I love my home (you're lucky... this post could have been about how much I love electricity and all of the modern amenities that come along with it).

So, what am I thinking about at the moment? Fall. Wahoo! Hello, cool nights... goodbye mosquitos! It's September and all the loveliness which comes with Autumn is almost upon us... I have projects up the wazoo to share and, once the kids are back on their school schedule, I'll finally have the time to blog. Life is good! Go on, smile!
Huge hugs!

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