Monday, November 15, 2010

A beach day, for a November birthday girl...

Saturday was my eldest daughter's fourth birthday... being a November baby, we always assume that we'll spend the day doing indoor activities... but, for this day, the sun had his hat on and it was unseasonably warm for New what better way to spend the day than at the beach?

There's nothing better than a beach out of season...

... the sky appears endless and uninterrupted...

... the beach vast and desolate...

... all the hurley burley replaced by the gentle sounds of waves breaking and gulls calling in the distance.

The boardwalk was scattered with a few people here and there... normally, we'd be holding on to the girls' hands, but today, they ran ahead... chasing the birds that were scavenging for the meagre offerings from the few stalls that were open.

From the sand, the waves were crashing with such ferocity. I tried to capture them on my camera, but they look so tame compared to the giants we actually saw...

We watched the surfers braving the icy waters... my eldest declaring that they looked like seals in their full body suits.

The day was perfect... so I figured I'd share a little of it with you...

Hoping you're all having a great start to your week... thank you so much for stopping by and spending a little time with me!



  1. Ooh, Laura, thanks for taking us on a wander with you! Your photos just keep on improving, clever girl ☺. J x

  2. Laura
    What a lovely beach - there is something about beaches out of season when you have them all to yourselves (well nearly) and you have captured this beautifully with your camera. Happy belated Birthday to your little girl on Saturday. Have a great week.
    hugs Jillx

  3. What a tonic on an icy (but sunny) day here over. Your beach looks lovely. I was in your part of the world a few years ago, staying with my son who was working in Cransford. We went to your beach and it was as stunning as you have shown...but far more crowded.

  4. Goodmorning Laura,
    Love this post, you captured the beach in November but it looks like Spring, beautiful! Happy belated Birthday for your little one!
    Maureen x

  5. Sounds perfect to me, and your photos are too. I loved the leaf on the sand, and the sweet stand. I'm always interested in food in other countries, even though it's still a Western one, as you know we definitely have our differences. :)

  6. So lovely to share a bit of your day. Wonderful photos, your little girl looks proud as anything with that lollipop. X

  7. hello gorgeous birthday girl mama...

    i truely cannot believe that you live here & NYC is just across the live in a blessed place!

    your photos are beautiful...your gal is beautiful...!

    what a way to start your week....mmmm!

    sending chilly hugs to your warm ones sweet

    melissa xox

    p.s-did you see my emails for the gals bdays? let me know x

  8. Ahhhh what a fantastic way to spend her birthday! just gorgeous!!!! she is adorable!!

  9. Laura, your pictures are gorgeous! You really did capture the beautiful day. And that might be the best picture of your 4 year old ever! (even with her paparazzi grandma taking gazillions of pictures). So glad you all got to enjoy the day :)

  10. I'm looking at the pictures again. Realizing that only a few minutes away we also have the trees with all of their vibrant reds and yellows. We really are lucky (especially when your mum is here to enjoy it with)

  11. Looks like an absolutely enchanting day!

    Love the big lollipop. Every kid should experience those!

  12. beautiful pictures from a wonderful weekend...happy birthday to your daughter and enjoy the beautiful days.

  13. The romantic in
    me is loving the
    idea of a wind-swept,
    off-season beach in
    November. Happy
    B-day to your little
    sweetheart! She's
    xx Suzanne

  14. Oh, what wonderful photos you have here, I really like them!
    Great blog and I sure like to spend time here :-)

  15. Oh yes, I too love beaches on sunny winter days - long shadows, clear skies and solitude. Happy birthday to your 'big girl'. My eldest is 4 too, and she's suddenly so much more mature (reasonable!) and lovely to be with!


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