Thursday, November 4, 2010

Friday Flower, Sewing and Friend Love

Friday already? This week has gone so fast. I would love to slow this month down and enjoy every second with my mum and step-father. I find myself going to bed later and later, as I don't want to waste a second with them. I'm a pretty happy bunny at the moment... watching my mum with my girls... having her help in the kitchen... just living our lives as I always imagined we'd be (if it weren't for the 3000 miles between us). There's nothing like watching your mum with your children... I just feel my heart swelling and brimming over with love...

Today, we sat at the sewing machine... she patiently taught me to set it up and guide the material through, turn corners, etc. (something I imagine is easy-peasy for all you crafters out there)... had we lived down the road from each other, I'd have picked her brains along time ago, but as it is... my sewing machine (a gift from my mother-in-law) sat in the closet... waiting for my mum's arrival... waiting for her to pass down her skill to me... yes, I could have taken a class, but this is so much more special... and maybe, one day I'll pass it down to my daughters...

My Friday Flower  is a surprise bunch brought by the hubby and I'd like to dedicate it to two wonderful people in my life. The first gal is the lovely Melissa who I share Friday Flower with... her blog is beautiful... I mean really beautiful... I savour both the pictures and the words... but more than that, she is a truly lovely person. Her comments brighten my day and her e-mails fill me with cheer. Melissa is like the pen-friend I always wished I had growing up. Thank you for brightening my day!

The second gal (and by no means least) is my daily saviour, Tina. She's my English friend here in the States... she supplies tea and good company... but, most of all, she keeps me sane... without her I don't know what I would do. Really there aren't enough words for how much this tea buddy means to me. So, thank you, Tina, for being you. For being everything I could ask for in a friend! Now, get writing that blog, so that everyone else can get to experience your loveliness!

If you made it to the end of this post today, you'll have probably noticed that I'm feeling pretty sentimental...  I guess, that's what having your mum around every day does to you...

Wishing you all a fantastic weekend! Catch you next week.

If you would like to join in with this week's Friday Flower, there's a Linky widget below where you can add a link to your page... then pop over to miss sew and so and do the same there... that way even more people will get to view your lovely blooms!


  1. The flowers are beautiful...what a terrific husband you have :)
    It is so great to hear how happy you are enjoying your mum and stepdad so much. It's obvious you have a very special well as very special friends.
    Enjoy every moment!

  2. Your flowers are just lovely, I really like spider mums! Your husband is so sweet. And how sweet it must be to have your mother and stepfather visiting, I can feel it in your words! Enjoy your time together!


  3. beautiful flowers...enjoy your time and looking forward to seeing some of your sewing creations!

  4. Hi Laura,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yours is lovely - I love that 'Breakfast at Tiffanys' was the reason you met your husband. How romantic!
    Beth x

  5. well if you haven't made me smile & well up at the same time, my gorgeous gorgeous friend....
    i feel exactly the same back...i feel totally blessed to have you in my *daily* life....
    i don't know how we can feel soo much friendship when we've never met...but thats the beauty of what blogging can bring....x

    give your mum a hug from me...i am only waiting 3 more weeks till mine is here...i can hear how happy you are sitting side by side together again....
    you mum taught me how to sew...& now it's a huge *part* of *who* i am eldest daughter is always cutting out odd shaped bits of gorgeous fabrics ,stuffing them and sewing on buttons to make beautiful little creatures....perhaps your mum, and you, could help your eldest do's a wonderful start...i used to do it with my mum when i was little...

    just going to make a pot of tea for you & i now...i'll be thinking that your with me whilst i put together my friday flower....
    i have spent the morning with my "daily saviour" "tina" british bestie janey & i needed it....& then to come back to you...lovely...a lovely friday....x

    thankyou soo much....melissa xoxox

  6. Dear Laura
    I'm just brimming over with emotion after reading your beautiful post.
    You and your mother are just the same as my darling daughter and me!!!
    We live 12,000 miles apart, she's in France and I'm in New Zealand....
    I know how precious those visits are and not wasting one minute and making each moment so special because those are the memories we both hold on to once the visit comes to an end....
    I've become a follower cos I know we have heaps in common and I look forward to reading your posts...sniff sniff!!!!

    On a brighter note dear Laura I've joined your "Friday Flowsers" party and hope you will come and visit me now. I'll get out my prettiest teacups and we'll have a good old chinwag!
    Take care

  7. Hi Laura
    You are waaay to kind to dedicate those flowers (in part) to me. I have to admit, when I haven't seen you for a few days I long for you to blog!
    BTW, Melissa sounds like alot of fun - but don't be gettin' any ideas...You know I'm your #1 fan!!! Remember: "I knew you when..." lol!
    Miss you - You owe me a Bonfire Night....xoxo

  8. Hi Laura
    It sounds like you are in for a lovely visit with your mother.
    Enjoy! From one sentimentalist to another :)
    Jeanne x

  9. Oh, it sounds like you are having a lovely time with you mom. I'm so happy for you :)

  10. Found you via Melissa at Miss Sew and So - two great finds in one week! Points for hubby on the beautiful flowers and keep enjoying the time spend with you mom -- priceless!

  11. Hi Laura, lovely to meet you. I hope I'm not making you too homesick, but the autumn colour is fantastic at the moment. You know what it's like you have to keep your chin up at this time of the year with the approaching winter, especially when you're an aussie unused to a cold christmas! The fall in the u.s must be beautiful too.
    Regards Robx

  12. Hi Laura,
    just a quick note because I cannot hold my eyes open, just had to say, LOVE this post! Enjoy your time with your mum and the girls, make pictures so treasure and know, that you also brighten someones day (or in this case night) when you enter blog land, namely me! Night Laura!
    Maureen x

  13. Lovely post Laura, so nice to have your mum around. Sounds like some really precious moments are being made with you and your mum and your girls... love it when the generations can share those special times. Those flowers are stunning too!! So great to have wonderful friends around to keep you sane and brighten your day :) xo

  14. sweet!! i always feel sentimental when my mom's visiting too! enjoy your time together and i'm jealous over your sewing lessons!


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