Friday, January 31, 2014


Last week was my birthday. I've entered the final year of my thirties... I always feared coming up to the big 4-0, but I think I've begun to accept that wrinkles will happen, skin will sag, and weight will become ever more difficult to shift... and so, with this new found acceptance, I feel confident. Confident in the person I have finally grown into... or should that read growing into (I guess we never stop growing, or we should try not to). I finally like me, warts and all. It took me 39 years to get to this version of me and it was a pretty ropey journey, with a few older versions that I would like to brush under the rug, but this nudging-40 version knows what she likes and is not afraid to stick her stake in the ground and say 'This is me'.

Anyhoo, I was sat on the couch the other day, enjoying a quick cuppa before picking up the kids... the sunlight was streaming through the blinds and bathing the room in it's rays... and it made me smile. It's been so very cold here lately and these beautiful chinks of light made me remember that spring is just around the corner and every day we are treated to an extra minute of precious daylight... and that, my dears, is something to be happy about!
Take care all.
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