Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cupcakes, Birthdays & a Friday Flower

It's full steam ahead... aprons made (almost), school cupcakes baked.... just the party favors and food to sort... oh yeah, and another batch of cupcakes to whip up... Ohhh, and if I get a chance, I could do with a quick spruce up, too... busy, busy, busy..

So, my lovelies, I'll have to keep this post short and sweet today (like my hubby!)...

... anyhoo, you can tell I'm tired, as I'm starting to waffle (my old English teacher always ticked me off for this)... so, I'll get back to the Friday Flower...

I picked these today because they looked so delicate and pretty.. just like my little girls, who are celebrating their birthdays... My delicate little angels...
I'd like to dedicate this flower to a blogger who I stumbled across a few weeks ago, and I am in love with her blog Nice Day at Rosies...

I feel as though I am lucky to share a little bit of her coastal life in England. Her name is Jill and she lives the life that I dream of... and so, through her blog, I get to live vicariously... soaking up the beautiful countryside of North Devon... living in a beautiful cottage... sitting by a roaring fire, with a glass of wine. Thank you, Jill, for providing me with a window into a life that I dream of.

Take care all and have a fantastic weekend!

If you would like to join in with this week's Friday Flower, there's a Linky widget below where you can add a link to your page... then pop over to miss sew and so and do the same there... that way even more people will get to view your lovely blooms!


  1. The first link of flowers are from me - forgot to put my name on it!!

  2. Well it was first thing this morning and drinking my first cup of tea I thought I would see how you were getting on with the birthday preparations - only to find that you had wrote about my blog - you are a real sweetie! and thank you so much for your lovely words. The cakes look yummy!! Have a lovely time.
    hugs Jillxx

  3. Those flowers are so pretty, especially in the jug they're in. I am hoping to find some at the nursery this weekend as they said the other day they were coming in this week.
    I must link in with your flowers, maybe next Friday :)

  4. Goodmorning Laura,
    Oh how sweet of you to blog about Jill (did you see her beautiful cushion covers I posted this week? I'm so happy with them!). She indeed lives a good life, love her house too.
    Hope the birthday girls will have a wonderful time, you did a good job with these cupcakes, I'm getting hungry just by looking at them....
    Enjoy your weekend dear Laura!
    Maureen x

  5. The flowers are gorgeous in that jug. Cupcakes are so girly pink and pretty. Lovely. x

  6. The cupcakes look yummylicious. Happy birthday! Just read your profile - that Cupid has a habit of shooting arrows at poms Down Under.
    Have a great party and weekend.

  7. Hello my gorgeous friend....
    happy birthday to your sweet poppets....
    i have a little birthday pressie for them if you can email me your address?!
    love your flowers- gentle & soft...
    & your little cupcakes & bunting...
    have a wonderful time this weekend doing all things birthday & special...
    huge hugs melissa xxx

  8. Have a great birthday weekend with your girls. I'm sure they'll all enjoy those yummy looking cupcakes and gorgeous aprons. X

  9. I've just discovered your blog, I've already signed myself in your followers and I'm thinking:why stopping for 5 mins only??? This is a lovely place to stay!

  10. Happy Birthday to your girlies!

    What beautiful pink confections!

    Well done!


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