Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Great Expectations...

Okay... my intention this week was to get a little project finished and then share it with you... That was until my little girl became poorly sick... nothing too crazy... just a cold, but it has meant that she has had restless sleep... which then lead to a restless night's sleep, cuddling with Mummy... equalling... a restless night's sleep for Mummy, hanging onto the edge of the bed for dear life! I'll never understand how something so small can take up so much room... But, then again, I think that's the age old question for us parents!

Anyhoo, my days have been spent curled up on the couch, snuggled under the yellow ducky blanket (hers not mine), dispensing hugs and tissues... and so, any ideas of finishing DIY projects have been squashed until the weekend, when my co-pilot is around to share the load...

Just so you don't think I'm a slacker, I figured I would share my progress thus far...

I have no idea what I'm going to use this for... but, I like it... I'll give you the background on it another day...

So far, I have cleaned it, sanded it, primed it, and given it a coat of Laura Ashley's Swiss Almond... I have another coat of paint to slap on, and then, to distress.... change the hardware... find a use for it and, more importantly, find a space for it in my tiny kitchen!

Sorry for the half finished project... catch you on Friday for Friday Flower... I'm off to wipe noses!

Take care. Lx


  1. It's looking great so far! And sorry to hear your little one's not been very well. Hope she's all well again really soon x

  2. Hope she will be better soon! And at least you did start your project, mine are all waiting for me... pfff... Take care Laura!

  3. More important things it bad that I like when my child gets sick so that he'll cuddle? Yes, I know, that's a very bad mommy.

  4. oh honey...give your little one lots of hugs & you enjoy the time *out*...

    your *creation* looks the colour...and the drawers...

    what do you think it may become??
    are those drawers too big for herbs?

    see you friday...
    melissa xox

  5. Hello there. It's amazing isn't it - that when they get sick it's as if we are. I have spent many a night like that, it's so lovely when they get better though. Boo was under the weather then after a day or two it just lifted and it was like getting my happy little girl back. Love the drawers btw... Lou x

  6. I hope everyone gets a good nights sleep - makes such a difference! XO L

  7. Heres hoping little one is on the mend. The cupboard is charming can't wait to see the end result.

  8. Being sick when your a little kid sucks. I assuming by now she's doing a lot better. Warm food like booth can be really helpful.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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