Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Friday Flower and a time for reflection...

Sorry I've not been around this week, but it's been a bit of a trying one. My sister was rushed into hospital on Tuesday with meningitis. Apparently, 10% of individuals contracting the mumps, will go on to contract viral meningitis. Obviously, it's been pretty scary, with lots of time spent on the phone to the UK. It's times like these, that those 3000 miles may as well be 300,000...

Anyhoo, she's on the mend. She's still in hospital, but is getting better by the day. My Mum decided to go ahead with her travel plans, and visit the US (she's flying in specifically for my daughters' birthday's and this will be the first time she has celebrated with them)... This was not a decision taken lightly by her and it made me realise how far reaching my decision to emigrate is...

I hope you enjoy this orchid... They remind me of my sister... the last time I was over she was busy growing these and brought one for my Dad, as he always admired them in her house.

Take care all and have a lovely weekend... I'll be doing such much needed catching up with my mum.

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  1. Oh, Laura. So sorry to hear that. I hope she continues to improve quickly. Sending you a Hobart ♥. J x

  2. Oh Laura, what an awful week for your family. I am so glad to hear that your sister is improving!! I do know what it is like to be so far away from a loved one when they are ill, it must have been a terrible week for you. But here is hoping that things will be looking up for you all!! Enjoy your weekend and the orchids are STUNNING!!! Hugs ~ Tina xx

  3. Really glad your sister is on the mend Laura. I sympathise with your situation - being away from family at times like this is hard. Wishing you a lovely weekend. x

  4. So glad to hear your sister is getting well. Hope you have a wonderful time with you mom.:)

  5. Hope your sister is doing ok. I really love that flower and the pretty bowl/candle next to it is beautiful!

  6. That is awful news about your sister. I relate to loved ones and long distances. That orchid is stunning, particularly the way it's displayed and next to the bowl. That colour orchid always reminds me of my visits to Singapore. x

  7. Sorry to hear about your sister, it is especially hard when you can't be there. My family are interstate from us so not so far but somethimes it feels too far especially when they are sick. I am glad your sister is on the mend. Also love the orchid pictures, a stunning flower. G

  8. Hi - gosh that sounds like a nightmare - wishing your sis a speedy recovery. My brother got meningitis when he was in his late 20's and it was a really scary time, but he is fine now. I often hear people who live abroad saying that the time it's hardest is when there is a family emergency and they are stuck far away. Of course...must be so hard, but I am sure seeing your Mum will help lessen the distance. Lou x

  9. Sweet Laura, WHAT a
    scare for you and your
    family and what an
    awful conundrum for your
    mom! But it sounds like
    your sister is on the
    mend and I bet she would
    feel worse if your mom
    cancelled her plans. I
    love orchids and your
    pairing of them with the
    pretty candle is perfect.
    Holding you all in my
    thoughts and prayers....
    xx Suzanne

  10. Goodness, that's no good about your sisiter, but at least she is on the mend now.
    I was going to link in with your Friday Flower but posted mine very early for my mum's b'day. I'll try to do it next week :)

  11. I hope that your sister is better soon! Have a wonderful time with your mom and the birthday celebrations :)

  12. Happy to hear your sister is improving...beautiful orchids!!

  13. Orchids are so elegant. I hope your sister gets well soon. If you don't move away, oftentimes another member of the family does. So it's hard to plan life around things you can't always control.

  14. oh my god honey...i am soo sorry.....xxxx

    distance makes soo many things just soo hard...this is at the top of any expats list....i am sending you hugs and friendship sweet to get through this...i understand how huge the decision was for your mum to fly over and to be with your girls at this time...
    love melissa xx

  15. Dear Laura,

    May your sister heal quickly and completely.

    Sending out good wishes for her.


  16. I am LOVING these flower shots! So stunning!
    Hope you're sis is feeling well now :)


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