Thursday, October 21, 2010

Creating memories with a Friday Flower...

I was out and about today with the little ones in tow, doing a food shop... I drifted over to the meagre flower selection to pick out my Friday Flower and I started to think (never a good thing)... Can I really justify buying fresh flowers every week when we make so many sacrifices in the other areas of our lives? I mean, it's only a few dollars and all, but those few dollars add up week-to-week, and then, month-to-month... If I were to look at my annual flower budget, I'd be mortified...

I imagined some debt specialist totting up my none-essential spending and telling me that this frivolous spending would have to stop... and so, I walked away flowerless... did my food shop and left the store...
Did it make me feel better? Did I feel that I was plugging the gaping hole between our income and expenditure? No. I felt miserable... When I left work, I sacrificed so much... clothes, nights out, make-up, trips to the hairdressers... anything that could be trimmed, was... But every girl needs a little something to put a smile on her face, and flowers do just that for me...

Someone left a comment last week telling me how their mother would leave fresh flowers in her room after cleaning it... This made me smile, and I conjured up an image in my mind of that scene... imagining that the woman would be reminded of this beautiful gesture, each time she brought fresh flowers... Now that's a memory you can't put a price on.

I want my little girls to grow up and remember picking flowers with me... I want them to think of me when they bring flowers into their homes... One of the most important things to me is creating a home... a place that will live in my children's minds long after they have flown the nest... are the flowers important in this picture?... Absolutely... So, I went back to the store and got my daughter to pick the flowers for this week... This is a memory I want her to have of me... of us... of our home...

My Friday Flower this week is dedicated to my sister. She has the mumps... poor thing! If I were home in Blighty, I'd be there to keep you company, read magazines with you, and fill your hot water bottle...

Have a great weekend all!

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  1. I'm so glad you went back. The girls did a fine job, mom. Deb =^..^=x5

  2. are those spider mums? They are just beautiful and I couldn't agree with you's such a little thing but it is so important. I always buy flowers on Friday too..;p

  3. What a beautiful post and something that I often think about myself. I have also cut out all of those little luxuries so that we can get by until I finish Uni...I think flowers would be my one little luxury too. Lucky for me it is now Spring and I will have roses from the least for a little while. Your flowers are beautiful and even more so since your daughter chose them! Wishing your sister a quick recovery. Happy weekend Laura ~ Tina xx

  4. I love this post - my daughter loves to pick flowers too. It is a wonderful memory for both of us.

    We had Toad In The Road yesterday at a local pub - I was thrilled to see it on the menu after your post! I also tried Bubble and Squeak and loved it.

    I tagged you today in my post, if you would like to play :)

    Have a great weekend
    XO L

  5. Hi Laura
    When I first saw your post in my blog list and it said you had posted 3 hours ago - I though OMG she is up early - then brain went into gear and I realised it was late Thursday evening for you. You are right about flowers somehow I just have to have them in the house whatever! but I sometimes find if you go to the supermarkets late they reduce them and I got the most beautiful crimson roses yesterday for 45p!!!!! a bargain.
    Miserable for your sister hope she gets better soon.
    The girls choose well!

  6. Hi Laura,
    Love your FF thinking today; you know that with this post, your daughters will have lifelong memories, because you put it into cyberspace for them so they can read it back. Precious!
    Have a good one,
    Maureen x

  7. Oh, and the linky widget thingy is not there... xx

  8. what a beautiful post L....
    those memories in the making with your gals truely are priceless...
    i would rather not have the extra little luxuries and keep making the memories that count.....
    have a wonderful weekend with your gals and your flowers....
    melissa xxx

  9. What a lovely, lovely post. When I lived in The UK I used to buy flowers every week and then the same thing happened - I couldn't justify it. Recently, husband and daughter have been going to a Sat Market and have been picking up some flowers to bring home. It makes my weekend. Enjoy x

  10. Laura, I think you
    are tuned in to just
    the right choices, in
    the scheme of a lifetime.
    Your girls will always
    remember those flowers
    in the backdrop of their
    memories! I am going to
    cut down the last of my
    zinnias, today, to bring
    in before some fore-casted
    cool weather moves in.
    Next week may be a stem
    from the grocer's!
    Happy Friday and a hug!
    xx Suzanne

  11. a beautiful post and stunning pictures...i am sure you just made you sisters day.
    happy weekend Laura

  12. I love flowers in the house too...but like you, I often leave them at the shops because I can't justify the expense on such a tight budget. However, at least in the warm months I can cut my own blooms from my garden. And even in the winter I often cut branches of holly or evergreen to bring indoors.

    Thanks for the link up and I'm now following.



  13. Flowers are worth their expense. Anything that brings joy to the spirit is priceless.

  14. These memories with our daughters are indeed priceless. Worth every penny! Mine are grown now. You will, however, have these memories.

  15. Oh, Laura, what a lovely sentiment. And I hear you, sweet one - I also baulk at the extra expense of buying flowers as we attempt to make do on a single income. Fortunately, our garden is producing some lovelies and my Dad has a green thumb so I can obtain some pleasure from him! Your girls are blessed to have you as their mum. J x

  16. Referring to my earlier comment above, my kids got a big kick out of Toad In The Road. Oops! Toad in the Hole ;) we'll get a good chuckle at my expense for years to come

    XO L

  17. Hi there! Thanks so much for your birthday wishes, that was lovely. I would be happy to link up with a Friday Flower, I post them most weeks. You blog looks lovely but I can't believe you prefer Marmite to Vegemie!
    ps I have just talked myself out of going to the market to buy myself some flowers. Maybe I should reconsider?

  18. I just grow plants in my house. That way I get the beauty without wasting to much money. I think plants are really good in terms of helping to keep the air clean in your home.


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