Sunday, October 3, 2010

The beauty in simplicity...

As I write this post tonight, I have to tell you that my head is a little woolly... I'm afraid I've been nursing a hangover all day... please, don't judge... I've spent the best part of my 30's either pregnant or nursing... during which time, I think everyone and their dog decided to get married... and so, while everyone else chinked their champagne glasses, toasting the happy couples, I sat on the sidelines... either with baby in my belly, sat on my belly, or working out when I next needed to pump...

Given this sober state of affairs, it has meant that I've been at weddings taking in the details... and, I have to say, there is no such thing as a bad wedding...

... this one occasion gives us an insight into the preferences of the happy couple...

.... and, while some may not be to everyone's tastes... every wedding is a celebration of a happy union and, that in itself, is beautiful...

Anyhoo, this particular wedding was in Providence, Rhode Island (a city that I have now fallen in love with and demanded that, once that hubby of mine finishes his studies, we all up sticks and move there)...

... the ceremony was held at Prospect Terrace Park... with fantastic views over the city... it was conducted by a friend of the groom and is best described as intimate, simple, beautiful... just perfect...

I sat next to a tree that had the initials of countless couple etched into it... as I watched two wonderful people exchange their vows, I thought of all the lovers that must have shared moments in this park... wondering what had happened to these couples... wondering if they are still alive... wondering if they ever come back to this tree...

I thought of the simplicity of love... no bells and whistles... just love in it's simplest form... a wedding like this didn't distract you from that thought... it reminded you that this is what it's actually about...  close friends and family celebrating love...

...Oh... and then, amazing food and cocktails... lovely cocktails... too lovely....  so, once again, on a Sunday, I'm off to bed to catch up on some much needed rest... I definitely can't party like a rockstar... I think I should just stick to tea!
Happy  Monday all!


  1. I know what you mean about not having a drink at weddings for years, I've been in exactly the same boat for the last 4 years :) Have just discovered your blog via Tina of Rubies Place :)

  2. Mmm cocktails! Tea much safer though. Hope you feel better soon after a good snooze!

  3. Love the photos though sorry about your hangover. Looking forward to seeing what you post next.

  4. I believe it's absolutely necessary and healthy to get out there and blow off some steam every once in a while. I hope you got to get your groove on too! Beautiful photos.

  5. Laura, sounds like
    a good time was had
    by all. The occasional
    overindulgence is great
    for the soul! Loved these
    {simply lovely} photos!
    xx Suzanne

  6. I love weddings!!! and I can completely relate to always being with child or nursing... so it's so good to let loose :) for wonderful occassions like this!!

  7. Laura- I think we all nee dot cut loose and have a fun night like this every now and then! : ) at least I need to sometimes! Looks like a lovely time!

  8. This is my first time visiting and what beautiful pictures. G

  9. A gal has got to kick up her heels once in awhile to prove to herself that she still can!

  10. I really love your pictures, they are all so beautiful.

  11. Dear Laura,
    Thank you for all your lovely comments! I really look forward to what you post too, so I can imagine us sitting with our cup of tea and reading each other latest. Thanks for being my blog buddy! And I too like simple weddings, gives me time to enjoy the newly weds more.
    All the best,

  12. There is nothing I like better than a fun wedding. Love is in the air and the cake is always good:} I'm with Suzanne from Privet and Holly...a little overindulgence on occasion is good for the soul!

  13. It's interesting to note that sometimes the most beautiful things are the most simplistic. For example solid colors can be prettier then mix colors. Art isn't about complexity. Rather it's about creativity and beauty.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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