Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Friday Flower

I wasn't planning on posting a Friday Flower this week... figuring it had about run it's course... that it was in danger of becoming 'old hat,' and thus, tarring me with the 'unoriginal brush'... but I am 'old hat'... as predictable as the English weather... and so, as they say, 'if the cap fits, wear it'... I think I've mentioned before, I love predictable... I crave familiar... I like to know what's what and when it's going to happen... so, the Friday Flower suits me down to the ground... I love that I know what I'm got to do to end the week of blogging... it's almost like I have an actual job, with self-imposed deadlines, and this is the report to round up the week. I never thought I'd crave that feeling again...

Anyhoo, I also love the fact that I have a reason for buying flowers. It's become part of my weekly routine, perusing the flower displays as I shop for my fruit and veg... my eldest imparting her judgement over which bloom we should get (although I'm the Simon Cowell on this panel, and so, get the final say). This past week, I made tissue paper flowers with the kiddies, and my eldest popped them in her toy teapot on her toy kitchen shelf and said, 'Just like you, Mummy'... aww, how my heart swelled... and that in itself is enough reason for me to keep posting a Friday Flower...

... and in posting a weekly bloom, at least a few other individuals will get to experience their loveliness... I try my best to capture their beauty with my dodgy digital, but really, I'm no David Bailey... I'm never going to do them justice... but, I try my best...

Oh, and finally... posting a Friday Flower gives me the opportunity to offer my virtual flower to someone... this week, I dedicate it to Amy... The lovely Melissa put the word out about Amy's fantastic blog and, after reading one post, I knew this was a keeper... her pictures are amazing... I mean really amazing...  you know... where you scroll down and scroll back up again, just to linger on them a little longer... and her words are best described as honest, sincere, and thought-provoking...

Anyways, she wrote a post the other day (Amy's post here) and it caused me to stop... go lie on the floor in the living room with my girls, and watch TV for a bit... (why do kids have an aversion to sitting in chairs? Or is it just mine?)... I didn't rush their bath time, and I kept them up late, just enjoying them... Thank you, Amy, for reminding me to do this... Sometimes, you just need something or someone to remind you to live in the moment and enjoy what really matters... Thank you again... Hope you like the flower... I brought these because they reminded me of raspberry ripple ice-cream, but the hubby told me that you can't get that flavour here in the States... shame, because it tastes yummy and is lovely to look at, too!

As usual, I'll be linking up with my bloggy pal Melissa for a Friday Flower and, if you want to join in, there's the usual link at the bottom of the page.
Have a great weekend, everyone... enjoy what you're doing and keep smiling!

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  1. What a gorgeous post! And such beautiful photos!

    You have a very sweet blog...I always love my cup of tea! :)

  2. Laura- this just made me so happy to see my name here...thank you! That is so sweet of you. And I'm happy that you let the kids stay up late just because, we are all so busy, busy and slowing down is such a good thing I think. I am always trying to remind myself to do it although at times it is difficult.
    I have to laugh about you saying you feel like your blog is your job : ) Recently I heard my little boy tell his sister that "mommy has a job on her computer"...oooops! haha!
    thanks so much for the gorgeous flowers Laura and I have not ever heard of raspberry ripple but it sounds delicious!

  3. So true. They look exactly like Raspberry ripple ice cream! Amy's photo are amazing. Who would have thought that pumpkins could look so good. I love your Friday Flower postings and would love to join in - only thing is it is always Saturday before I remember. Will try and remember for next week. Have a great weekend. ;)Sharyne

  4. Goodmorning Laura!
    I love the color on these flowers and Amy is sweet, some of her posts I'm laughing outloud or nodding my head in agreement, she's great. I also *get* your FF feeling, I like to think of Friday's now as in, what kind of flower shall I pick. Even though I love the unpredictable things in live, I love this, so keep on going, I will post mine after our late breakfast, we are still in pj's here (taking it slow!) cause my girls are in their fall break from school. Byebye!
    Maureen xx

  5. ooohhh....a friday and flowers will forever remind me of you my dear friend...i am soo glad that you are a creature of habit!!!

    love amy to bits...that was an amazing post...knew you two would love each other!!

    melissa xxxx
    have a lovely weekend!! x

  6. Hi Laura
    Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my blog. I have given you a rose for a lovely English lady! Your blog is lovely and I will be saving it to my favourites.
    have a lovely weekend.

  7. This is a lovely little blog you have...looking forward to reading more and looking at your stunning photos. Happy weekend to you!

  8. Thank you so much for the kind words that you left me on my blog.

    I so appreciate them.

    I, also take comfort in the familiar. It's like putting on a trusted coat and feeling protected wherever you go.

    Happy Weekend!

    Jellybeans and Fiddlesticks

  9. lovely roses & a lovely jug!

    enjoyed my visit to your blog this morning with a cup of tea :-)


  10. I just added you to my blogroll so I can easily visit your lovely blog daily :)

    Have a great weekend
    XO Laura

  11. Laura,
    When I was small my sweet mother would leave a fresh vase of flowers on my dresser each week after cleaning my room. Now that I am grown, I continue the tradition in each room of my home. This is my first visit to your lovely blog but I will be returning. Always a pleasure to find other NJ bloggers!


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