Friday, September 3, 2010

A Friday Flower

I decided to make Friday a flower day. I usually pick up a bunch each week and, if you're like me, you'll never tire of seeing a flower... It's my 'thank you' to you, for sticking with me, spending the time to read my thoughts and feelings, or just simply flitting through... thank you for just visiting!

Had to include this, as I love this picture of my little girl...

I started this blog thinking not a person in the world would read it, and the fact that I read your lovely comments makes my heart swell...

And so, again, thank you!

On a side note, I write this blog at the cabin... it's an impromptu visit, as we are escaping Hurricane Earl, which is due to batter the coast any minute... We literally ran for the hills! Hopefully, when we return tomorrow, our rickety old house will have made it through the storm and still be standing... but not in 2 feet of water... again!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. That's a great idea. Thank you, they are gorgeous. Enjoy the weekend and stay dry!

  2. by the way, so glad you did start the blog. I love it.

  3. oh laura -friday flowers is lovely...i think you should make this a ritual thing...i'd link up and to a friday flowers post with you each week...then more of my readers would know how lovely you are!
    what do you think?

    melissa xx

    p.s- hope your house is still standing upright when you return!!
    i need to know more about this lovely escape bolt hole you have -it sounds great!

    have a lovely weekend..x

  4. Hi! Thanks for leaving me such a nice comment...and hello, your blog looks lovely. Lou x

  5. By the way, did a little housecleaning today and added you to my blog roll. Love your blog and look forward to continue to follow along...

  6. hello again you....have a little looky at todays post- i took your lovely friday flower post and ran with it...shall we do it each friday together?? let me know..

    melissa xx

  7. I can't say there is one type of flower that I haven't yet found beautiful in it's own way.

    -Zane of ontario honey


Your comments make my day!

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