Thursday, September 9, 2010

Coffee and a sidewalk sale

The other day, I popped into my favourite farmer's market to pick up some coffee for the hubby, only to find that they were having a sidewalk sale and selling off all their plants and display items at 75% off.... needless to say, I didn't just leave with the coffee...

I just love this store, as it definitely has an 'English country garden' feel about it, and so, perfect for what I am trying to create, here, in New Jersey... Practically everything was on sale, and at bargain basement prices too... so much so that I had to grab a sales associate just to check that they weren't going out of business!
Anyways, I snapped up these for the home...

I'm overrun with oil and vinegar bottles, but, at these prices, I figured I could find some other use for them... Any ideas?

I also picked up this cloche for the garden. I've been hanging my nose over it for a while, but deemed it out of my price range... it looks very pretty, but I'm not very sure as to the practicality of it.. I guess I'll have to wait for the spring to sow some seeds in the little pot and see what happens... meanwhile, I'll just marvel at what a bargain I picked up...

My brother had left me some cash on the strict instructions that 'it had to be spent on the garden'... him being an avid gardener and all...and so, I picked up this little chappy... just so I don't forget my roots... we've named him King Richard... we're hoping he'll scare our cat away from the borders... she's a pretty skilled hunter, despite having 3 large bells around her neck...

So as not to leave the girls out of this shopping frenzy, I picked up this little potting table... they've developed a love of gardening, but it usually involves them digging up my borders... hopefully, this will entertain them and lead them away from their destructive play.... I doubt it though...

All in all, I did pretty well for myself, and only a few dollars lighter on the pocket. What a rare triumph!

Oh yeah, and I brought the coffee... my hubby tells me that,  'It's the best coffee around', but I'll take his word for it, and stick with my cup of tea!


  1. i love that cloche and that potting table is divine for your gals....

    what a spot of luck that the hubby needed a takeaway!!!!

    how beautiful is your little ones hair in that photos- gorgeous!

    melissa xx

    did you see my post today? x

  2. Love love the little potting table!! You can never start too early!

  3. I love your blog., I have been reading though your older posts. I too moved from the UK, and am now in Canada, and I have a brother in New Jersey.

    It is hard to move countries. I left the Uk when I was 12 but still think of it as home. Myabe because that is where all the extended family are. It's the people not the palce.

    I love your kitchen chairs distressed. Very suitalbe for little ones.

  4. 75% is a huge discount. I love the lion status that your brought from there.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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