Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Building the foundations of a happy home

When we bought our house a couple of years ago, it wasn't love at first sight... not on my part anyway. But the hubby was hooked... He obviously saw something in this old place... his actual words were that 'it needed the love putting back in it and we were the family that was going to do exactly that'... I think I retorted that 'it needed a lot of money put into it, not love'... Always, the cynic...

However, after moving in, this place did strange things to me... it bewitched me... I started to look past the sinking roof, leaky basement, small rooms (I could go on, but I think that you're getting the picture), and I started imagining (with a whole lot of cash) what this place could be...

I resigned myself to the fact that this was our home... I guess that's the wrong word... I didn't resign myself, I wanted this place to be our home... even with all it's faults (and let me tell you there are many).

I now lie awake at night imagining this home as a finished product... a white, wooden staircase, with a jute rug running down the center, beadboard ceilings in the bedrooms, dormer windows with window seats in the girls' room, a dining room, a beautiful, white subway tiled bathroom, an English cottage garden, and a fireplace to sit beside with a cup of tea... I dream of the day our little cottage is finished, but then I hear that a house is never finished...

Why am I telling you this? Well, September the 15th was a pretty momentous day for our family... this was the day that our first major project was started. The foundation of the house is being fixed, and hopefully our flooding problem resolved... and, ultimately, we'll be able to open this place up... I love saying that phrase... I imagine our house being pealed back like a can of pilchards... Anyhoo,  it may not be at the frills and bows 'pretty' stage that everyone likes to look at, but it is the start of us making this place into our dream home!

Oh... I forgot to mention, I'll be posting a Friday Flower again this week. If you want to join in, there will be a linky widget at the bottom of Fridays posting... I'd love you to join in!


  1. That is so exciting! I can't wait to see the before and after. Good luck :)


  2. lovely laura.....
    there is nothing like the beginning of the real adventure...the pulling back of someone else's layers and the building of yours....

    oh i wish i lived down the road to watch...
    i often feel like this with blogging friends- you click with people who are like you and live in a way you admire and also enjoy...the frustration is you're not next door!!

    good luck with the beginnings!

    see you tomor for the Friday Flower post...
    melissa xx

  3. What a wonderful experience it is for a family to make a home their own! We bought our home ten years ago and we are still working on it... it's ever changing (still WAY TOO SMALL), but it's home and we love it. ;)

  4. Great blog. I came here from Welcome Wagon Friday and so glad I did. What part of Jersey do you live? I'm from South Jersey, about 40 minutes outside of Atlantic City.

  5. Hi Laura! Welcome to blogland. Our friend Brenda sent me over. I live in an old house built in 1913 and we have had our share of remodeling projects ~ but they have been fun and have made our little cottage our home. Stop by for a visit when you have a chance.

    Susan and Bentley

  6. I just popped in from Brendas Welcome Wagon. Welcome. I love blogging and you will too. There are so many nice bloggers out there.

    It is always an adventure when you are remodeling or just fixing up a place. It's fun though when you see a project finished - a feeling of accomplishment. I'll be following along in your adventures. Have a great day and again Welcome. Becca

  7. Found you on Brenda's Welcome Wagon - and what a project you have going there! It's fun to re-decorate, and FIX things up to your own tastes. Our house is about 37 years old (at least) and started out as a hunting cabin for winter months, I understand. We wonder what it was like when it was first built, and as we uncover surprises when we repaint or move a wall, it is amazing what the inspectors don't know about as far as code violations! We've found live wires in the walls, and pipes with no shut-off valves. Even hot and cold water faucets that should have the hot and cold on the opposite handles! A real adventure, and get ready for a wonderful ride!

  8. I, too, popped over from Brenda's Welcome Wagon. I'm your lateset new follower. So happy to find you. I look forward to hearing more about your new home. Hope you'll post some photos as you go through the process. I know it will be lots of work (and money), but just think what your family will have in the process. Thanks for sharing your adventure. ~ Sarah

  9. Hi: Just came across your blog and found it to be interesting and very lovely. I have been living in an old home near Ottawa, Canada that we have been renovating for years. It's nothing amazing but it has lots of character and we have enjoyed fixing it up. Good luck with yours. I look forward to your photos. Deb =^..^=x5

  10. Hey there! Isn't it so fun getting new comments from Welcome Wagon visitors? Brenda featured me too today, so I wanted to take the time to visit some of the other featured folks. Your entire paragraph about how you lie awake at night and visualize exactly what your home could be really resonated with me. I completely understand what you mean. Everyday I think how can I speed this process up? Because I am so ready to be living in the perfect picture in my mind lol! So I figure either I win the lottery or I try to get thrifty and crafty like my many blogger friends. Your description of what you visualize is idyllic. I'm sure your home will turn into your vision before you know it. :-)


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