Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Do you have a place for 'Stuff'?

I think I've mentioned before that my house is tiny... teeny weeny tiny... I think the neighbours are in awe of what we have managed to pack into this place... In fact, I don't think this, I know this, because one neighbour asked me, "How do you all fit in there?" We're packed to the rafters!
Anyhoo, this little old house forces me to be organised... The hubby even brought me an annual subscription to Real Simple... the bible for organisation freaks! Over the years, I've managed to use every square inch of this place and, more importantly, I have learnt to let go. With each change of the season, I have a clear-out... usually, it's in the girls room, as they seem to be the worse culprits when it comes to collecting useless bric-a-brac and tat... I think the girls call them toys..

However, just like Monica in 'Friends,' I have a dirty secret... hers was a whole closet full of stuff, tumbling out when the door was opened... I haven't got the room for that, so my clutter is compacted into this tub.... a tub full of 'Stuff'... I went through it today looking for some scissors and it consisted of:
  • kids' paintbrushes
  • wine corks
  • World Cup 'England' clappers (we were knocked out pretty early, so these didn't get much use)
  • 'England' bunting
  • A mini American flag (no bias in this house)
  • A glove puppet crafted by a teacher  my daughter
  • Strawberry bubbles
There weren't any scissors in the tub...

The fact that these items are taking up valuable space in the kitchen just shows you that these must be an important part of my everyday life.. otherwise, why would they be sitting on top of the microwave?
The big question is... did I throw any of it out? Absolutely not... I'll be using it all again... at least if we get to the next World Cup in 2014 and there's always a need for strawberry bubbles in the kitchen!

Do you have a junk area in your house or is it just me with a guilty secret?


  1. Oh yes, I have an area. Or two! I have a few drawers that need to be cleared out. I don't even remember what is in there.

  2. I so have a junk spot! I have several places where I store my junk. Your post has inspired me to have a bit of a clean up-thank you!

    Best wishes,

  3. I have plenty of junk, in the kitchen drawers, upstairs in the storage area, but with the upcoming move I have to clear things out, again. Night!

  4. oh junk junk and why can we not let it go?
    we have lived here only 2 years- and i seriously thought moving not only houses, but countries, may help us to let go...ALAS!!

    so honey keep your bunting...keep your flags and smile with the knowledge that you are in 8the group8- the cool one with all the junk...

    ans big huge lovely thanks for all your comments lately...pity we aren't living in the same village we could junk swap together!

    melissa xx


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