Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Appreciating what is on your doorstep...

Life's pretty hectic for me at the moment. What, with having the builders in, two kiddies running around, baking for a neighbour's baby christening, and the usual day-to-day chores, I'm pretty stretched ... However, I did manage to squeeze in a family bike ride the other day... there are always a few more hours in the day, right?

We have a bike path that runs past the end of our road and it hugs the coastline... something we had overlooked, until we got the dog and needed a place to walk her... With this in mind, the hubby then surprised me one day and picked up a nice little beach cruiser (for me) and a green trailer for the girls (they call it 'Chick', as in Chick Hicks from the movie Cars)... with us fitted out with new biking gear, that left the hubby without one... so, he rides his Mum's purple ladies mountain bike... he didn't want to commit to a new bike until we proved that it wasn't a passing fad...  Hey, if he's happy to ride a chick bike, then so be it... I guess you'd call that, 'being comfortable with your masculinity...'

Anyhoo, we set off early Saturday morning for a our ride... I decided I wanted to take a camera with me... with nowhere to stow said camera, the hubby had the bright idea of taking the basket off my little girls bike and attaching it to mine... well, if he can ride his Mum's purple bike, then I can deal with a kiddie basket!

As we're riding leisurely along the bike path, we're being zipped past by sleek cyclists in up-to-date techno-lightweight-breathable-all singing- all dancing biking gear and all I could think was... 'What must they think of our mismatched clan?'
But, who cares? Because, we had a blast... I squeezed in a spot of thrifting at a church thrift store (that basket sure limited my buying power)...we took in the views of NYC over the water...

...watching reeds, as tall as houses, swaying in the fall breeze...

... breathing in the salty air... and just enjoying something that's on our doorstep and free... (that was the best part of the day)!
I'm busy on a little project at the moment (I hope to share it with you at some point), but I'll be checking in at the back end of the week. Happy humpday!


  1. oh i can't believe that you can *cruise* on your very cool mix matched bikes past the NY skyline!!

    that is seriously smooth!

    make me giggle...surely you could have fit a bit of folded up linen in that *there wee basket*!?!

    melissa xx

  2. Gorgeous. I didn't realize you lived so close to the city. One of my best friends lives in Jersey City and jogs around her neighborhood everyday. What beautiful sites to see while jogging!

  3. We used to live in Hoboken and jog along the waterfront opposite midtown... it was pretty awesome! We now live over an hour south near Sandy Hook... you just get good views of the city on a clear day...

  4. What a fabulous place for a bike ride! Cherish these family bike rides when the kids are little... it goes by so quickly!

  5. I so enjoy photos - yours were great - bikes, water, stone wall - sounds like a fun time! The bikers in their fancy outfits - I used to call them the Ninja's - we'd run into them sometimes while sharing the bike path riding our horses on the side. Some were quite mean and rude, others just minded their own business - everyone to enjoy the day as they saw fit.

  6. Lovely pictures - especially the bike. I am really trying to step outside and enjoy where we live; this time of year is just beautiful. Trying to be a tourist in your home town! Lou x

  7. Your photos are always so utterly beautiful!

  8. You just made me want to go on a bike ride!!!So glad you took your camera along! and love your basket!

  9. The bike ride with the family sounds absolutely fantastic. I agree with Melissa, there must have been some room for a few linens in the basket! :))
    I'm so blown away that you just look over and you can see the New York skyline!
    Melissa xx
    PS. Not sure were I'll go down south yet - I'm thinking maybe about Bath.

  10. It is so great that you took time out from your busy life to enjoy a simple bike ride.....that is truly what living is about.



  11. Sounds like a nice bike ride. You need to get a bigger basket for next time. I always take the camera along. you never know what you'll miss if you don't.

  12. I'm glad you were able to have a bike ride with your family and squeeze in more time with them.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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