Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Friday Flower & some vintage finds...

I can't believe that it's Friday already... where has the week gone? Just having that one day off really throws me off kilter and I spend the rest of the week attempting to catch up...

Anyhoo, here's this week's Friday Flower offering...

I picked up the vintage jar and a (not so vintage) lace cloth while at the cabin... there are so many antique shops in that neck of the woods that I really was like a kid in a sweet shop... unfortunately, I was still on the equivalent of a 10 penny budget and so that hampered my buying power... that, and the fact that I'm pretty much tapped out on space in our little home...

Despite these limiting factors, I was, as we say in the north of England, chuffed to pieces with my purchases... so much so, that I'm sharing some of them here with you today!

I'm also linking up with the lovely Melissa.  Her blog is addictive... I spend too long pouring over her beautiful pictures... Go and have a look, you won't be able to tear yourself away...  If anyone else wants to join in with ' A Friday Flower'  let me know... the more the merrier...

Have a happy weekend and I'll hopefully be catching you next week!


My Friday flower is dedicated to the memory of my Aunt Margaret who was lost to cancer 21 years ago this past Wednesday.

Want to Join in with A Friday Flower? Post a link to your page here....


  1. The picture you put up, next to your bio, is absolutely gorgeous!
    Your Aunt Margaret must have been a very special woman to have made such an impact on you.

  2. Goodmorning Laura!
    Wow, you look good girl! I love that picture of you and your precious girlie. I would like to join in for the Friday Flower, I hope it's ok? (ok, help me here, I have to post about flowers and/or give them to someone? And the linking up what and how should I do? I know Melissa's blog, lovely isn't it? So I hope to join today, otherwise next time. Let me know, and enjoy your day!

  3. Love Melissa's blog and yours - the jamjar flowers are charming. Lou x

  4. Lovely flowers and LOVE that jar as a vase :)
    Have a great weekend!

  5. morning you gorgeous gal....i ADORE your profile pickie with your little munchkin....lovely!!

    your aunt would be tickled pink with your lovely post to her in that great jar...

    this is going to be fun....sharing fridays together...& looks like maureen is pretty keen too... which is wonderful!

    have a great weekend with those kiddos....
    i'm on this 10 on 10 today....errr it's keeping me watching the time i can tell you!

    melissa xxx

    p.s- CUTE radio!!

  6. Hi Laura! Well, I've done it! If everything is ok, it should work, I have to run, I made the post quick in between a lot of errands, so catch you later! Love FF!

  7. This is a great party, Laura and I hope to have something next week! I usually have flowers from the garden but everything is petering out now that fall is on the horizon.

    Love your pretty daisies in the jar {love, love old canning jars!}. Pretty vignette!

    I have to thank Maureen for directing me to your blog! Have a happy weekend! :-)


  8. I SO LOVE FLOWERS and anything to do with them....I have joined in for the first time today....Hopefully....I'll do this correctly as my computer skills are somewhat challenged. (O:(O:



  9. I just realized that somehow you are not on my blogroll when I follow your posts religiously. Gave you a shout out today. Love this idea. So much that I posted a flower today without even realizing it. Glad I could participate! Have a great weekend!

  10. I shall remember this meme! Love flowers in jars the best of all.

  11. Thank you for visiting my blog the other day and for commenting on my windmill post! In fact, you hail from near to one of MY favorite places... Yorkshire! Hubby and I have little fleeting daydreams of having a place in Whitby one day. ;) What a charming blog you have; I'm now a follower. Have a lovely Sunday!

  12. Hello Laura,
    How lovely your photos are - both you and Melissa are so clever! I have yet to work out how to link up at the bottom, I should sort that and add a flower next time!
    I know exactly what you mean about getting an Aga outside of the UK, my mum is pining for one in Australia. I adore it, especially in winter and I am doing a big Sunday dinner today!
    Hope you're having a lovely weekend,
    Melissa xx

  13. What gorgeous pictures, I love your flowers in your vintage jar, so pretty! How wonderful for you to pay tribute to your aunt :)
    Thank you for your visit and all your kind words on 9-11.

    I wish you a wonderful sunday!

  14. Hi Laura
    Is it too late for a linky? If not, I have one:
    Have a wonderful week my UK bloggy friend :)
    XO Laura


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