Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A broken promise & some Fall decorating

Once upon a time, the hubby worked for a client whose house he would visit once a week... when he had been to this particular house, he would tell me about his day and preface the conversation with, "Laura, you would love this house"... You see, the hubby knows I am a house voyeur... I take him on new routes when I come across houses that I have fallen in love with... he doesn't mind... he just gets me...

Anyhoo, one of his pet peeves about this particular house was that the decor was changed with each season and holiday.... He declared the housewife a 'pyscho' and made me promise never to do the same... ever...
Well, I broke that promise... I did keep it for a couple of years, and then the kiddies came along... I became a housewife (is this noun even used anymore?), I spent more time at home, and, more to the point, I spent more time mopsing around Target.... my head was turned by the seasonal displays... and none turned my head more than Fall...

Fall (or Autumn, as I knew it pre-America) was a season that slid by unnoticed in the UK... gobbled up by Christmas. And, to be honest, the only memory I have of  Fall is decorating  mushroom baskets with colourful crepe paper and filling them with fruit, veg, and canned goods. These baskets were then passed out to the elderly as part of the Harvest Festival... I'm writing this with a smile on my face, as I remember picking out the pretty papers and proudly taking my basket to school... I wonder if they do this anymore? Or, has health and safety deemed it a hazard??

Anyways, we definitely didn't decorate our house (in fact, that was only saved for Christmas)... and so, I embrace this new found appreciation of Autumn...

I love decorating the house up with rich colours, distracting us from the gloomy days and nights that are creeping up on us. I also look at it as an opportunity to teach the little ones about the changes in seasons... My eldest and I had great fun today picking out the decorations for the cloche, and I'm sure she'll have as much fun picking out the decorations for it at Christmas time...

So, yeah, I broke a promise... the hubby can now add me to the 'Psycho Mum' category... I wear my badge proudly!

Happy Humpday everyone!
P.S I'll be linking my page to Julia today... I follow her blog every day, so I can get my fix of house love...
P.P.S If you're really interested in seeing my new haircut, check it out below... it was taken last thing at night (by my own steady hand)... feeling very foolish... devoid of any make-up and my p-jams on... jeez... never thought I'd have the courage to do that...


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  2. Your new hairstyle looks absolutely gorgeous on you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ps...I'm off to get some decorations for Halloween

  3. psycho-mom is when you go absolutely ga-ga and decorate every square inch of your home for the season...I think you'll be o.k. Looks very inviting!

  4. your haircut is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    sans makeup & in jammies....love it!!!!!!!!!

    and i too am embracing a little autumn...i need a cloche too!
    & yep the kiddos did the *harvest festival* last week....food for the homeless and poor....some of the good things do continue.... :)

    happy decorating- bet your hubby loves it secretly!

    melissa xox

  5. Love your little owl in the cloche!

  6. Wow, I LOVE your hair. It's gorgeous. My mom always changed decorating with the seasons, and I think I will too...once my Little Man gets past the stage where he tears everything apart and swallows it!

  7. I really like what you have used to decorate your home. What can you tell me about those miniature pumpkins hanging off that appear to be a memo board? What are they made of? They are adorable. Hope you'll stop for a visit at my links. :-)
    ~ Sue

  8. Love fall decor, and the pottery barn phone, which, I also have! Your haircut is cute!

    I'm here from the nesters mantle party.


  9. Beautiful photography! I love the little owl in a jar. Tons of cute ideas to copy!

  10. I'm totally smitten with the little owl in the cloche! It's what made me click on your thumbnail from the Nesting Place fall mantel linky party!

  11. Super Super cute owl! I am in LOVE with your telephone by the way! Gimme! So gorgeous! :D

  12. I just love you! I always feel like I just talked to a good girlfriend after reading your blog. This post totally cracked me up, and maybe because it reminded me of me and my husband so much. I love the word housewife, whether it's used or not, oh and your hair is darling.

  13. So interesting that decorating for fall isn't really done in the U.K. I've heard from Australian readers who think it's bizarre that we're putting wreaths on the front door for seasons other than Christmas, but it's something I think we take for granted here.

    So glad you could join the party!

    P.S. I'm totally digging your haircut!

  14. Hi, I think it's great to decorate for the seasons. I love autumn too. It was feeling very autumnal here until today and the sun has come out and it is lovely and warm! I reckon my husband sometimes thinks I am a psycho-mum with all my fixations on all things housey! Thanks for dropping by my blog. I love to drink tea too! I enjoy reading your posts. Michelle
    PS Love your hair!

  15. You look adorable, you silly girl! I was a mother at 17, a wife at 20 (yeah, kind of got it backwards...) and an inveterate mover-around-of-the-furniture. Such as it was in those days. I happen to like "housewife." Nothing at all wrong with it. We are wives to our houses! I do love how you spin a tale!

  16. Okay, now you
    are officially
    a US housewife!
    Love the cloche...
    hope it was not
    made in China {??}
    but understand if
    it was....and love
    the 'doo as well.
    I'm off tomorrow
    to have mine dealt
    with! xx Suzanne

  17. i think your new hair cut is sassy!

    love that owl. is adorable. all your decor is beautiful. welcome to the land of decorating for every season. ;)

    thanks for linking up to the FALL FESTIVAL!


  18. At least he didn't exist you to do crazy lights each year. There are houses that have lights that are synced to music. It's super cool but probably a lot of work.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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