Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Happy 2012!

Well, here we are again on the first day of the New Year! And boy, am I looking forward to the year ahead! 2011 was certainly a year for me. One in which I felt a little lost, but one that ended on a good note... not counting the fact that both of my little girls have terrible colds and the poor old dog had a trip to the vets yesterday! But, hey, I'm focusing on the positive here and I'm going to take this positive energy all the way through 2012!
Last night, the hubby, girls, and I rang in the New Year, laughing, dancing and full of good New Year spirit (unfortunately not of the alcoholic variety)... this was a marked contrast with last year's New Year's Eve, whereby we were all slumped on the couch suffering from a bout of food poisoning... strangely, ill health followed me throughout the year...  So, being a superstitious gal, I made sure this New Year's Eve that I was happy and confident (albeit wiping the girls noses and administering medication to the dog) and hopefully this up-beat attitude will continue throughout 2012!

2012 is going to be a good year for all of us in this little old place... this is the year for finishing some tasks around here. The year that I will *own* the garden (and win the battle with the mosquitoes), the year I will take a family vacation (and it won't be to the UK), the year I will keep my commitment to the gym, learn to live with my food allergies and finally make that blooming blind for the back door!!! I've committed here, so let's see if I can achieve at least some of the above ;-)

Anyhoo, I flipped the new calendar to January this morning (apparently, my mum says it's bad luck to turn it before... and to have wet laundry on New Year's Day... Did I mention I'm superstitious?)... Where was I? Ah yes, the calendar... not the usual Sainsbury's freebie!! It appears that the recession is biting old Mr J Sainsbury's and he has deemed that the giving of free calendars is a frivolity too far. Bah, humbug!

So, I picked up the January Period Living along with a free 2012 calendar. I know, I could have actually spent money on a calendar, but that would have been a  break in tradition too far!  The poor hubby was a tad disappointed that he's going to be greeted by piccies of old homes, instead of delicious food, but, hey, he'll have to take his complaints to Mr. Sainsbury... You never know, the hubby could end up being motivated by the gorgeous images of period homes and decide to start fixing this place up! Now there's a thought...

Anyways, I best be getting on, I have sick children and pets to tend...  Oh, and a New Year's Dinner to cook. Start the New Year as I mean to go on, and that includes good home cooking! Ooh, but before I leave, let me just say, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Thank you so much for popping by this past year... you were definitely a highlight of 2011!


  1. And a very happy 2012 to you. I have a very good feeling about the year ahead so fingers crossed!

    Good home cooking features in my plans too ...

    I do hope girls and pets both feel better very soon.


  2. I loved hearing your about your committment to have a positive outlook on the New Year. Hope your year ahead is healthy and prosperous and your hubby is truly inspired by your new calendar...L.O.L.

  3. Happy New Year to you and your family. I hope it all turns out just as you would wish. Blessings,

  4. A Happy New Year to you - I feel you when you say you are going to holiday NOT back to UK. I spend every holiday heading back there which I love but it just means you never get to go anywhere else. Hope you get somewhere exotic.
    Amanda xoxoxox

  5. happy new year!! i feel ready for the new year as well, very much welcoming it and hoping to leave a lot in the past where it belongs. hope everyone is wel around there very soon.

  6. Happy New sounds as if you are on a positive start! Keep up that spirit!!


  7. Hi Laura, I'm wishing you a very healthy and happy new year. I love the way you write that 2012 IS going to be a good year. What a great positive start to January.

  8. Wishing you and your family a very happy and healthy new year, Laura. I must say, I'm very impressed by your positive attitude. Mind you, it is ONLY day 1! Hee Hee! I think if we all started to have that positive attitude, it really would make a difference to our lives. So! positivity all the way, right through 2012. Oh! And I'm going to try not to worry so much, especially about the little things.

  9. i just changed my calendar over too:) hoping your sweet family is on the mend very soon--2012 is going to be a fabulous year for you, dear! hope it's off to a blessed start!

  10. Hi Laura, glad to hear you sounding so cheery, even with sick children to deal with...I just hope you're not having to wipe the dogs nose!! All the best for 2012...hopefully no hurricanes this year!! Robx

  11. Happy New Year sweet friend...

    So glad you too are ready to embrace this new year with a fresh & healthy out look- my resolutions are just simple, wholesome and achievable this year....

    Having you back here is a lovely one for me!!

    Huge hugs for 2012...Melissa xx

  12. Happy New Year and I'm wishing you a very blessed, healthy, joyful one indeed!!!!

  13. Every new year is a new opportunity to live a happier and more fulfilled year.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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