Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Thoughts for Thursday: Too many signs??

Hi there,
Well, we've made it past "hump day" and we're on our way to the weekend! Can I please hear a big sigh of relief...? Not that weekdays are bad, but there's still nothing like that "Friday feeling"... and yep, I still get that feeling, even though I am a stay-at-home mum and not bound by the conventional work week. Saturdays mean I have an extra pair of hands to break up squabbles, feed the kids, play Strawberry Shortcake and the likes... and let me tell you, those hands are as welcome as an oasis in a desert!

Anyhoo, that's by the by... what I wanted to chat about today was the amount of labels and signs appearing in homes... signs informing us what to do, whether it be relax, bathe, or simply breathe... or informative labels telling us where items are stored or which room we are about to enter.

Seriously, with the amount of signs in my house, you'd think someone had gone Health and Safety-mad in there! You could even be confused into thinking my little home was a factory employing a dozen or more people (all needing to be informed where everything was at a drop of a hat), and not a poky little house next to the beach.

I have to say, it had gone unnoticed by my eyes until the hubby pointed it out the other day. Then it was like one of those film moments, where the heroine realises that there are clues to the murder all around her and the camera darts around the room to them while a dramatic tune is played on a violin and piano combo! He was right. I had gone sign / label crazy. Almost everything in my kitchen bore some sort of lettering on it... Was that the design look I was going for or had I gone overboard??? Either way, this look will certainly come in useful when my memory starts to fail me!

Anyways, I was just wondering whether this sign / label craze is just something which exists in my house or whether you've jumped aboard too...

Take a look around your home and see how many signs and labels you have. Are these design choices just another indication that our lives have become so stressful that we need to run our homes with office-like precision and then tell ourselves to relax, breathe and drink tea?? Well, I guess we'll at least know where to find the tea!!

Good catching up today!
Take care.


  1. Hmmm I am feeling a bit pooped to get off the couch to look but I can't think of any in my house! I wonder what that says about me? Your labels are really sweet. They look very homey :)

  2. Laura, I love a bit of print around the house, especially old vintage words and signs....I just love your first aid kit! Robx

  3. I love all of your signage. I have to admit I have a few myself. I think anyone that loves words is seduced by all the signs that are out in the world to be had. Have a great weekend!

  4. You could never have too many signs that say "tea", eh?


  5. Certainly with you there, still get that Friday feeling! Love your pretty peg bag!
    Sally xox

  6. It's funny how you don't notice something until someone else points it out. We have labelled tea and coffee canisters and a 'lavatory' sign but that's about it. I love your bathroom sign.

  7. Laura, I love all the signage in your house! I also have a thing for vintage signs and labels. Thanks for dropping by today. I'm sure looking forward to visiting your blog a lot this year.

  8. Thank you for brightening my day, I had a good laugh and really enjoyed your fun style of writing.
    This post is a treasure, I too am sign mad, I am sure it will be of great value in my old age!
    Wendy x


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