Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas at our little old house...

Hello there, lovelies.
It's been a while since I popped in, hasn't it? But, let me tell you, it has been one busy, busy time for this old girl! What with weddings, birthdays, and trips to Blighty, the time has just slipped away and here I am at the end of the year!

Anyhoo, I'll start by saying that I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! Mine was sprung upon me. Having spent a month back in the mother land, I landed in NJ on December 21st and then had to get this old place ready for the festive season... which was no mean feat!

But, come Christmas Eve, you'd never have known that, only days earlier, there had still been pumpkins knocking around our home! So, for the past few days, I've been putting the brakes on, breathing in the sweet pine smell, munching on mince pies, and enjoying a nice cuppa from my newly acquired robin mug!

Aww, don't I just love robins? I'm always tempted to smuggle a couple back in my bra when returning from Blighty (since the nursing days, there's always more room in there than I'd like, but that's another story)... They're so cute and plump... I'm back to talking Robins here... keep up... and I just  love to hear the cheerful chatter in the garden... although if I ever managed to introduce the much smaller (and cuter) robin to NJ,  it would likely end up in a turf war with it's much bigger American counterpart... and we all know how that ended for our little red squirrels don't we? (no? well, lets just say it didn't go well)...  Taking that into consideration, I guess I should leave meddling with nature well alone...

Anyhoo, I'm whittering on and I'm sure you have plenty to do before the New Year embarks... I know I do, but I just wanted to pop in, say hi and try out the new (soley for blogging) laptop!

Yeah, Santa left me a new one, so that I don't have to wrestle with hubby, children, dog or any other Tom, Dick or Harry when I want to blog!!  So, no excuses!

Ta ta for now!


  1. How lovely to read your post for today. I didn't realise you made it back home again so soon. I'm glad you had a good time and love your little robin mug, i too love to hear them singing, as i so most of our feathered friends. Seasons Greeting to you and yours :)

  2. Wow you've been busy! I've got the same mug and love my little robin in our garden who keeps me company while I'm gardening. Lucky you with your blogging laptop! Have a lovely new year!

  3. Lovely things, and nice to see you back xxx

  4. Hope you had a great trip - are we going to see photos? Love your British swag" that you took back with you. xxxxx

  5. Welcome back! I'm still laughing over you wanting to smuggle the robins back here! Very funny!

    I hope your Christmas was wonderful and have a Happy New Year!


  6. Love these Emma Bridgewater cups with the Red Robins on. I haven't got the cup but I do have the Robin in the garden. Tried to photograph it but that didn't really come out too well, you can tell for yourself as I did post the pictures a while ago anyway, that's how much I wanted to bring the Robin on my blog at Christmastime ;-)
    Enjoy your new Santa gift and hope to hear more from you. Love reading your blogposts.
    Bye, wish you a happy Newyear,

  7. Nice to see you back here, and you;ve certainly been busy. How lovely to have a new laptop for your blogging :) I love that robin mug as well.Wishing you a very happy and healthy new year.

  8. You have been busy! Your house looks so festive :) Yes, those little robins are ADORABLE! Wishing you a wonderful New Year, Laura! XOLaura

  9. Hiya gorgeous gal- lovely to see you here on your new lappy!!

    Boy- have i missed you!!

    So glad to hear you were in ol'Blighty - what is going on- we need some email catching up honey...

    Happy New Year from Down Under my sweet friend...Melissa xx

  10. Oh Sweetheart! Ditto to what Miss Melissa said (she beat me to it - I have to get used to our sharing the same timezone ☺). Wishing you only the best for 2012. J x

  11. Hey Laura, very happy to see you are so chipper and had a lovely, if not rushed, Christmas...and I have to agree...those little English Robins are great fun...I love to watch them in the garden, they have great body language and such a sweet song. I think when I return home I will have to get a cd of Robins singing, cause I will miss that sound. Enjoy the New Year and I look forward to seeing your happy, cheerful, zany posts. Robx

  12. Your own laptop...what a luxury!
    I had a chuckle about you wanting to smuggle robins back in your bra..what a way to travel...
    Happy New Year,
    Julie x

  13. I love your pics. What an adorable robin cup. are you originally from Blighty? Happy coming new year. xxx

  14. Lovely to see you back, hope you had a lovely time back at old Blighty. Love the Robin mug it is my OH favourite, Emma Bridgewater does some great designs. I wish you and your family and very Happy New Year.
    love Jillx

  15. I simply wanted to wish you a very peaceful, joyful new year. I used to enjoy visiting your lovely blog regularly during the long hours of feeding my little one last year. I never left you a comment because I did not have a blog of my own then.

    So here I am; your newest follower!


  16. Oooh do tell where you got the Robin mug. I too am originally from England, living now in Michigan. I just adore the English Robin and I think I will begin to collect stuff with Robins on. I will go back to reading your blog. Fancy actually getting to Australia first and ending up here. Wow quite the detour. Wish I could have done that


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