Monday, January 9, 2012

A spring day in January...

Hello you!
Happy Monday! I can't quite believe that it's January. We are supposed to be in the depth of winter and yet, here in New Jersey, we are enjoying weather that would be more befitting to the first flourishes of Spring. I even have a bud on one of my roses. Yet, this time last year, we were up to our armpits in snow... not literally, but it sure felt like it.

Anyhoo, making the most of this clement weather, I packed the kids off outside and did a spot of tidying in the garden. Although the weather was Spring-like, the garden confirmed that we were, indeed, not even half-way through January.

My little garden was devoid of any colour  (except for my wee rose bud)... just an array of bare brown sticks poking out of the ground. I am always in amazement that, in a matter of months, these sticks will once again come to life and I'll be seeing the sprouts of green pushing up through the ground. Yay for perennials, the plants which just keeps on giving.

Anyways, while the girls and I petered around in the garden, the hubby donned his DIY cap and set about installing bead board in the bathroom... a project that has sat on the back burner for the past 6 months... but, as I said, this is a new year, a year where we are going to get things done about this little old place... starting with finishing our poky bathroom.

It will still be poky on completion, as we haven't the room to add on, but given it's size limitations, we decided to build on it's cozy cottage appeal... in fact, that's the ethos we're adopting for the whole house!

Hopefully, I'll finally be able to show you the finished project by the end of this month, but judging by the fact I just had to stop typing to deal with the hubby's (now missing) thumb nail, I won't hold my breath!

Anyhoo, I just thought I'd check in with you and share a bit of our Sunday with you.
See you later in the week!


  1. it's a day as dull as dishwater here in London but remakably mild for the time of year.....your rose will be a beauty!!

  2. that's a great outlook to start the new year. Isn't every rose a gift. I love it when my bloom. The weather here is hot, damn hot. Yesterday was 35 degress celcius, not sure what that converts to in Farenheit. a few more days of heat still to come. Looking forward to seeing the finished bathroom! Jane x

  3. I'm glad you spared us a gruesome close up!! Can't wait to see your finished bathroom...I love bead board and always admire that finish in one of my favourite mags (U.S. Country Living). Can't get it in Australia though and would love to use it in a future bathroom reno....maybe I should hunt some out here in the U.K. Robx

  4. Love bead board and excited to see the bathroom...wish it wasn't 45 degrees and my roses were blooming!!

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  6. I hope 2013 has warm winter weather like 2012 did. I'm also really excited to see your new bathroom.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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