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Thoughts for Thursday: Nostalgic for Newspapers

Hello there, lovelies...
How's your start to the New Year been? Mine has been relaxing... thus far. In fact, since my return from Blighty, the house has been a lot calmer and I've been enjoying the art of sitting down. It's fantastic! You should give it a whirl sometime... but I warn you, it is an addictive past-time.

Anyhoo, while partaking in this new found hobby, I found that, although the old legs enjoy *resting,* the brain is demanding of a little more activity... So, I've taken to reading the news once again. Now, I'm a modern thinking gal (with most things), but I can't get my head around picking up something electronic to read the daily news. I need to hear the rustle of paper... I need to wrestle with the awkward dimensions of the broad sheets (here in the States, the NY Times still remains broad). I need to smell the paper and feel the print on my fingertips. But what I love most of all is the fact that I end up reading a news story that I would ordinarily pass on, simply because it is on the same page as a more intriguing passage.

I was chatting with the hubby the other day about the down-turn in readership of the good old-fashioned newspaper. I then commented on how I couldn't ever imagine reading all of my news on a laptop or the likes, to which he replied that our daughters' generation probably couldn't imagine not reading the news electronically... My heart sank at this... I have such fond memories of the newspapers littered on the floor of the living room on a Sunday morning... sections being passed between family members, until, eventually, they were all gathered up by my mum, stored in a neat pile next to the hearth and used at a later date to help start the fire. Passing electronic devices back and forth or emailing articles doesn't quite conjure up the same soul satisfying image...

Anways, with this fond memory planted firmly in my mind, I renewed our subscription to the NY Times. Our first paper was delivered on New Year's Eve and it has been well and truly thumbed... I feel a little more informed and hope that this action of reading the newspapers at the weekend will sow the seed for my little ones and they carry on the tradition of reading actual newspapers... Although, what excites me even more (if truth be told), is the fact that the *Newspaper basket* I procured while in Blighty now actually has newspapers in it!! Come on, I know I've told you about my basket obsession before and this was just too good to pass! Oh, and just in case you were wondering, we have already created a recycling tub for newspapers.

What's your take on the traditional newspaper? A relic that belongs in the past? The only way to read the news? Or, do you take your news both ways? Let me know, I'd be interested to hear whether it's just me that gets nostalgic for newspapers.

Righty-o, I best be off. Good to catch up!


  1. I love the newspaper...the smell, the feel, and the sound...takes me back in time. I aso get the news from the internet...but truth be told the newspaper for this ole the best. Love your blog!

  2. I agree. I love to read a real newspaper, whereas my husband likes to sit at the computer and bring it up on screen - not quite the same really. I read it on the floor but I have to admit to being a tidy freak with the paper, I hate it all messed up or anyone to have another section of it while I'm reading. But now there are only 2 of us in the house it's not an issue. So no hassles.
    Great post.

  3. Hello Gorgeous - so wonderful to see you back in Blogland. I have missed you! I adore reading the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper - I think it's the nest Australian one. We read it for 11 years in Sydney and then ordered it in here in Hobart (it arrives a day late, although the plane trip from Sydney to Hobart is only 1.5 hours - go figure!). We had to stop a while ago due to finances but I am so eager to start again. Their website just doesn't compare. I'm *so* loving your basket! J x

  4. Hi Laura. I'm afraid I'm with you. Newspapers every time. As you say, it's sad to think that future generations won't have that pleasure! I love your recycling basket by the way! It's the same as books. I think a Kindle is ideal for if you're going away on holiday., but I just love the real thing...

  5. Oh, I am sorry, but I'm a definite read it on the 'puter girl. We used to live in a teeny tiny village and subscribed to a daily newspaper - it used to be left in the decrepit bus shelter (seems the extra 100 metres to our door was too much to ask). Invariably, when we went to collect it, it was a soggy unreadable heap!

    Needless to say, when the urge for crafting which involves old newspapers strikes these days, we are a bit stuck!


  6. I love the newspaper basket - so clever! I don't read the paper at all - I've always found it too depressing. So I rely on my husband to tell me anything earth-shattering :) I'm actually a magazine girl (antiques & home decor)! XOLaura

  7. I do think its days are numbered, but nothing says "Sunday" like a leisurely lunch and the Sunday paper. I once read that if every family in China bought a newspaper, there would not be enough trees to sustain this, so I suppose that it a different slant on things. LOVE the basket. xxx

  8. Laura, like you I do still read the newspaper, but not everyday mostly weekends, and then sometimes it can disappoint! but as you say good to start the fire, I suppose I mostly get my news from the radio which I listen to every days Radio 4 of course with the odd splatering of The Archers, Womans Hour and the afternoon play, sorry if this is making you homesick!!! Have fun with the NYT.

  9. p.s How do you get everything back on the plane your suitcase must be bulging!!!

    1. Just figured out that I can now reply here! Sorry for the delay Jill - Well, I travel very frugally, but I'm staying at my mum's and so have a whole heap of things left there. There's the three of us travelling, so I make use of all three suitcases and hand luggage limits. Sometimes I push it and I'm like a pack horse making it through the airport. but, thus far I've never had any problems! Lx

  10. Laura, the newspapers here in England don't have much appeal for me. In fact, other than the global news, the local news on the t.v. doesn't grab my attention (other than the odd Royal Wedding). This is because it's all still a bit alien to head is still definitely back in Oz. In fact, every day I look at the herald sun website for the Melbourne I can actually relate to what's going on, even though it's thousands of miles away. However, I would prefer to have the actual newspaper in my hands and I agree with you about electronic media, whether it be reading the news or reading a novel on a kindle...nothing beats having an actual book (or periodical in your hands). Robx

  11. Hi Laura. We take the Daily Telegraph only on a Saturday as it seems to last us all week. I love to sit with a good cuppa and browse the supplements. I think that the physicality of a broadsheet - getting it folded to a comfortable size , or re-shuffling the pages into its original tidy format - is part of its charm - the smaller tabloid size just won't do!

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