Monday, March 7, 2011

New season, updated cloche...

It must be Spring, as the cloche has been updated... there was a glimpse of it in Friday's post... All Spring-like, with it's blossom, nest, and eggs. The girls were disappointed to see the wintery cardinal go (you can see it here), making way for the nesting Blue Jay... but time is marching on and the season is a-changing.

I love the little bird scenes we create each season (you can see our Autumnal owl here), and even my two-year-old can actually name several bird species now... not sure what that says about me (unless bird-watching is the new cool thing to do...). Anyhoo, I'll make a twitcher out of her yet!

I know this is not to all tastes, but it's now become a little fun thing that me and the girls do and, it's certainly teaching them about the revolving year... in fact, we're already planning Summer...

Happy days!


  1. So pretty Laura!! I love birds!
    I have to find myself one of these Victorian it!

    Pamela :)

  2. It's a lovely idea - and it's nice that it's becoming a little family tradition that your girls enjoy. ("Remember when we were little and mum used to do that mad thing with the birds in the jar" - only joking!) Abby x

  3. Laura, it's charming! And how wonderful that it's becoming a tradition in your home. I love family traditions. Happy Women's Day, by the way. Please accept my little blog post today as a thank you for all the inspiration you give me through this lovely blog.

  4. I think family traditions are so important -whatever they are, and this one is not only pretty and fun, it's educational...triple whami!

  5. What a delightful idea, Laura. Until Quicksilver Sam is a little older, I'll have to hold off buying a glass cloche for Planet Baby. Sigh. J x

  6. That looks amazing, would love to look round your house!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  7. Dear fellow pyscho, I love your idea with the cloche and a different bird for each season...what fun...of course I then had to look at your older posts and found myself on Julia's 'Hooked on Houses' site...could spend a few hours there. I used to constantly change the house around when the kids were hubby knew I was having a bad week if everything was in a different spot when he came home 'each night' for a week! However, I never thought to decorate according to the seasons back then and you're right...Autumn is a lovely time to bring in those warm colours before it all disappears. Thankyou for your kind response to my kitchen post..and yes we are only here in U.K. temporarily...although that could mean another 6 months or another 3 years...and although I am loving it I'm looking forward to going 'home' my kids, kitchen and kat! Robx

  8. Hi Laura, me again!
    We've had no problems with moisture on the wooden worktops, just make sure you oil them a few times really well before you fit them and then look after them when fitted. We give them a rub with wire wool and then oil again. they are worth the trouble as they look so good :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  9. I have a local
    friend who updates
    her cloche for the
    seasons, too, and
    it is always such
    a treat to see "the
    latest!" Yours is
    just precious. What
    special memories for
    your girls : )
    Happy Day,
    xx Suzanne

  10. hello made me that i actually know what a twitcher is....
    & what a perfect way to become following the seasons and building a cloche scene with your sister and mother...
    both will thank you for it...bird watching is seriously back in vogue amongst the cool in britian ;)

    melissa xx

  11. I love your cloche. How gorgeous!!

    Your photos over at Laura's were so perfectly chosen. Really gorgeous.


  12. I love that you change the birds each season - so simple, yet fun idea. My kids would love that!

  13. Lovely idea, glad i came across your blog this evening. I was looking for snowglobes beleive it or not lol but intend to do a more seasonal one to get the ball rolling :)

  14. What a wonderful tradition! I think it's lovely! I've been a bird-watcher since my early thirties.

  15. What a clever idea, I'm all about traditions! It's wonderful Laura!


  16. Such a lovely site! I came over from Happy Homemaker when I read your comments. I wish we could share tea with scones. From what part of Cork did your Grandmother come? We lived outside Cork City for a few short years in 1985. Our children went to New Inn school. What a wonderful experience we had.
    I will be following you1

  17. It is very lovely. The bird is really a sweet touch.


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