Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Friday Flower & a trip to Blighty...

Well, well, well... it's Friday again... but not any old Friday, not for this gal anyway... it's going to be a Friday filled with frantic packing, planning, and tying up loose ends before I jet off to Blighty on Sunday... Yep, you heard right. Me and the gals are heading off to see mama and grandad back home.

All this talk of Spring, daffodils, and the green, green grass of England has led me to book a flight and go see it for myself! Seriously, there was a flight deal that just could not be passed up... so now I'm left wondering how I'm going to get me and the girls all sorted for Sunday evening... oh, and did I mention we have a date with Mary Poppins on Broadway this Saturday, too?? Talk about flying by the seat of your pants!

Anyhoo, I am giddy with the thought of being home for a few weeks, and so, I'm going to leave you lovelies while I go make lists, do laundry, and everything else in between...

Oh, and the kitchen cabinets... they'll be waiting for me on my return... half-finished, but, sometimes in life, you just have to act on opportunities when they land in your lap!
Hopefully, I'll be sharing my trip with you over the next few weeks... Mmmm, I can taste the chips and mushy peas already...
Ta ta for now.

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  1. Oh, Laura, I'm so delighted for you! Have a brilliant time, Lovely. See you when you get back. J x

  2. Have a fabulous time Laura! What a great way to start Spring.

    Best wishes and bon voyage,

  3. Hope the lovely weather continues for when you get here but even if it doesnt i am sure you wil have a great time.

  4. That will be wonderful for you to go home for a while. As you say, you have to grab these opportunities with both hands. I'll try to order in some good weather for you, although it's been beautiful down here in Devon for the past week or so, but still a bit chilly. Enjoy Mary Poppins and safe travels!

  5. Hi Laura!
    I'm so happy for you! Woohoo! You go and enjoy your family and the UK, I know you will, and take some pics (for me, being curious how you look at your own country). We saw Mary Poppins last x-mas in Holland, it was great! Your girls will enjoy it for sure, have fun!
    Maureen xx

  6. Have fun! It sounds wonderful.

    I myself, is off to visit my oldest son and celebrate his 20:th birthday, so I'm flying with a smile, really big, at work just waiting to be picked up by hubs!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Laura this is great news I do hope the sun is shining for you, have a lovely time and a safe journey. Oh and enjoy Mary Poppins!
    love Jillxx

  8. Have a great time in England, the sun is shining brightly here today. can't wait to see your pictures.
    Ann x

  9. The weather over here in England is glorious at the moment, yesterday I had lunch in the garden, in March! never done that before. Hope it stays that way for your holiday.

    I joined in your link party today. Its a post from a few days ago, hope you don't mind. Thougt I would share the lovely spring flowers we're enjoying at the moment x

  10. How exciting! Hope you all have a great trip - your parents will be thrilled to see your little ones! Abby x

  11. Laura, this is really living the moment stuff - love it.
    Have a wonderful, wonderful trip back home and stock up on the delights of chips and mushy peas, walkers crisps, thorntons cholcolates.... (have to stop now, my mouth is watering)

  12. Hi Laura - ahhhh how nice to come home! I am sure once all the packing is done you will relax on that long haul flight and know it was a good call to come back. I can see daffodils out my window and the sun is shining; so yes all they say about the weather here is true. I just hope it holds up for you to see! Lou x

  13. Have a wonderful and safe trip, Laura. I look forward to seeing all of your pictures!


  14. shrieks from my end!!
    that is brilliant...just doing it as the moment grabbed you!!
    the weather is glorious at the moment...and your gardening will be inspired by all the flowers in bloom!
    i am soooo happy for you and the girls...
    what a wonderful weekend...mary poppins one day and ol'blighty the next!!!
    sending you huge hugs and packing thoughts...i know what it's like on a long haul with littles on your own!!
    melissa xxx

  15. I'm so glad you're going to get to make a trip home!!! Have a wonderful time and soak it all in as you go. I took my daughter to see Mary Poppins this past fall . . . it was quite possibly the best production we've ever seen!! LOVED it! Have fun.

  16. Oh, Laura - such exciting news! I am so happy for you. Goodness, those cabinets can wait - go get yourself some great memories! Have a grand time :) XOL

  17. Yey! How exciting.
    Fish'n'chips, mushy peas, a proper cup of tea, scones and jam and the beautiful spring sunshine all waiting for you here.
    Have a wonderful trip

  18. Have a lovely trip! I hope the weather stays lovely for you because it's been beautiful here recently.

  19. Have a safe and wonderful trip!!
    Oh I would love to see Mary Poppins...a childhood favourite!!

    Pamela ox

  20. Laura, what exciting news! I'm sure you'll have an amazing time back home. Take care.

  21. I'm so very happy for you and a little jealous: England at spring... Now, I'm all dreamy...

  22. Hope you have a lovely and safe trip over here! The weather is really nice at the moment so hopefully you'll get plenty of sunshine.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog, really made me laugh when you compared it to losing true!! xx

  23. I hope you have the most fantastic time over here. You're just in time for the gorgeously sunny weather we're having!!! Hurrah for weird British weather!


  24. How lovely to get a good deal and be heading home. Enjoy every moment.


  25. Oh, Laura, I'm
    so excited for you!!
    I can just imagine
    you having a really
    wonderful time, right
    now. Can't wait to
    hear all about it.
    xx Suzanne

  26. Have a fun-filled trip Laura!
    xo Cathy

  27. Oh Laura, have a wonderful time in England - and enjoy your chips and mushy peas! xx

  28. Wonderful blog Laura, I just discovered you:)
    I am from the UK and live in Australia, I am envious of your trip back to blighty, have a wonderful time!

  29. It's great to see hear Laura that you and your kids get to spend time with your father and mother. Your parents most love to see the kids.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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