Thursday, March 10, 2011

Painting, planning & flowers...

Hi there...
Just popping in to show you the fruits of my labour, what I've got planned (for the next month... urgh), and to share my Friday Flower.

I had very good intentions this week, but I started it feeling sluggish and pretty much stuck with that feeling all week... I attempted to get something together for a mid-week post by whipping something up in the kitchen... but, then, I absentmindedly dished it up, and it was eaten before any photos were taken... it was delicious, so it gives me an excuse to make it again, and share it with all you lovelies at some point in the near future...

A selection of the doors... ohh, there are more...
Kitchen update:  I did manage to undercoat the kitchen cabinets, but that's about it... it takes soooo long... I foolishly thought it was a weekend job..... nooooo... Anyhoo, a painter friend gave them the thumbs-up... he did the whole, looking at them in daylight, an inch from his nose (as though expecting a diamond), and declared them top notch! I have every intention of giving them a top coat this weekend. I even drew up this little time plan (lets see if I stick to it)...

... it's right over the kitchen sink (which I am chained to), so there's no excuses for not 'getting with the program'...

Anyhoo, as it's Friday I dutifully popped out in the torrential rain to pick up this week's Friday Flower... and, let me tell you, I'm sat here writing this tonight while it's raining cats and dogs and blowing a hooey outside... we're praying that all of the work done in the basement this past Fall will help us to not flood (prior to this, we would have had water to the top of our welly boots)... So, keep your fingers crossed for us... my dad said we should just invest in a dinghy...

... sorry to digress... Friday Flower... yes... My Friday flower is dedicated to the writer of the blog Bibbity-Bob... I have two daughters under 5, and so, hear 'bippity-bob' a lot in my house...well, actually, my  youngest says 'zippity bar-bra'... nevertheless, it's a cool blog name (Bibbity-bob, not Zippity-bar-bra), and, you know what? It's a cool blog... she features crafts, home renovations, and (my favourite posts) eye candy and retail therapy from stores in Blighty... shops I so wish I could shop at... Pop over to her blog this weekend. I hope you love it as much as I do!
Anyways, I've kept you long enough (because I've missed chatting to you so much)... off you trot, have a super weekend and I'll catch you next week!

If you would like to join in with this week's Friday Flower, simply use the linky widget below to link to your flower post (new or old)... It's blooming marvelous! 


  1. Oh your cabinets are looking great! It is alot of work to paint all of that! I just painted six chairs and that did me in.
    Love the photo of those gorgeous roses!!
    I laughed at the comment your dad made about getting a dingy! Very funny!!

    Happy Friday and I will check out this blog!
    Pamela ox

  2. Crossing fingers for you Laura that the rain behaves and you don't flood.
    Thanks for the intro to Bibbity-bob, I'll go and have a visit later.
    Enjoyed your guest appearance over at Happy Homemaker blog.

    Have a good weekend.

  3. I hope you don't mind if I add my unusual flower linky - I get so excited when I can play along:)

    Your cabinet doors are looking great! I hope you are enjoying the process.

    And thank you for opening a great conversation on my blog Wednesday - the comments continue to pour in... XOL

  4. Cabinet doors looking good - well done! (and professionally declared 'top notch' too!) Lovely roses - so pretty. Yes, Bibbity-bob's blog is a good 'un. Have a lovely weekend :)

  5. Laura! I've just spotted the Bibbity-bob love...thank you xxx although I do wonder whether Zippity-bar-bra might have a better ring to it ;)

    I know the sluggish feeling...our kitchen hasn't really progressed since Christmas! Your units are looking great and fingers crossed you can stick to your timeline x

  6. Hi Laura
    Keep going with the cupboards the transformation it will make to your kitchen will be so worth it.
    Just when I thought spring was in the air in dear old blighty we are now forecasted snow!!! is this possible. Have a lovely weekend

  7. Hope everything goes according to plan :)

    Have a great weekend.

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  8. Hi Laura!
    Wow, great job with the doors, and that list, it's long! So will not keep you too long, waiting for the results to pop onto my screen when you are finished. Hugs!
    Maureen x

  9. I am a new follower, and I love your blog. I have to say, the Friday Flowers have really been lovely and bright with the gloomy weather that early spring can bring. Thanks!

    Also, I feel your pain with the kitchen cabinets. I just tackled my kitchen... I started in October, and one-by-one painted until I finished in February. You're almost there!


  10. hi lovely....

    adore your flowers this week & the little gorgeous stool they are plonked upon...!!

    i couldn't do my friday flower as i was on 10 on 10 journal making duty!!

    have a wonderful weekend...awaiting some snow here- what is that!!??
    fingers crossed for your wellies...dingy...& anything else you may need if you flood!!

    going over with my pot of lunchtime tea to visit this new site...although i do like zippity bar-bra!!

    hugs hon
    melissa xx

  11. These are my favorite kind of roses! Speaking of Bibbity-bob . . . I'm off to wake Sleeping Beauty and dance with the princesses (apparently, I'm the fill-in prince).

  12. Perhaps your dad is right! Oh, you have more nerve than I do, taking over painting cabinets. Would have done it back in my child rearing days, I'm sure. Not enough energy now!

  13. What a lovely Blog! I've popped over from Maureen at Daydream Living, and hope you won't mind if I follow you from here in England.

  14. Stay dry and have a great weekend!
    xo Cathy

  15. Keep going with the painting it will be worth it. Love the list think of the satisfaction when you start crossing out. Have a super weekend. Love DebsX

  16. Kudos, Laura, for making
    a plan and sticking with
    it! I am STILL finishing
    my powder-room damask stencil
    project. Took a week off and
    that morphed into 10 days.
    Determined to finish it up
    this weekend. Hard to tackle
    the big projects when life
    pulls you in so many directions.
    I know your kitchen is going
    to look wonderful when it is
    all done. I'm getting the itch
    to paint some of my upper cabinets
    to match my renovated areas....a
    lovely grey-green...hmmmm.....
    Enjoy your weekend. Hope the sun
    comes out for you!
    xx Suzanne

  17. Hi Laura!!! I added my flowers...such a sweet way to share joy!! I guess I'd never be grateful enough to my lovely friend Maureen for letting me know your place for tea...
    Hugs from an italian tea-addicted!

  18. Ola painting girl!
    Just popping in on this cold Sunday morning, oh wait, it's already afternoon...Hope the painting goes well? Off making more tea, see you soon!
    Maureen x


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