Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Flower

Hello there...
I really am missing our little natters... but, what with the girls painting and other day-to-day chores, I'm really being pulled every which way. I have several blog posts floating in the ether, awaiting me to sit down and tap them out and take the accompanying pictures... speaking of which, I'm in a bit of a picture slump at the moment... I just don't have the vision these days... perhaps it's from painting... like snow-blindness, all my eyes can see is the whiteness of primer... I'll get my creative hat back on this weekend... I think it's buried under a tarp somewhere in the kitchen...

Anyhoo, en route back from a play date today, I realised it was Thursday and no Friday flower had been procured. I had hoped to get some Ranunculus (one of my favourite Spring flowers), but they had sold out... I'm guessing these rank high with others, too.

So, after playing in the Spring sunshine today, I opted for the trusty Hyacinth (I bet you can almost smell it from where you are)... It was on special and I figured I can pop it in the garden in Autumn. I'm all about buying flowers that I can plant after their blooms have faded. When we brought this shabby old place it was bereft of any plants... totally... except for a gnarly old tree, which we had removed, as it acted as a spring board into our roof for the neighbourhood squirrels... Each year, I add to our garden (yeah, it's a garden not a yard), and slowly, it is transforming into the cottage garden I aspire to... plodding around it this morning, I spied Delphiniums, Lupines, and Foxgloves all pushing through the ground.

Hopefully, over the summer months, I will be able to show you what we have achieved... For now, though, you'll have to settle with my Friday Flower... a taste of good things to come.
Thank you for popping by today. I'll catch you next week. Wishing you all a healthy and happy weekend.

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  1. You have inspired me to go and plant some bulbs! It is Autumn here and the weather is just starting to get a little chilly. Do you think now is a good time to plant them? I know nothing about them!

    Hope you have a wonderful day and best wishes for a lovely weekend.

  2. I did enjoy that post! The blue hyacinth is beautiful - I do the same as you, and get plants that I can then put into the garden when the blooms have faded. That way you have the beauty of the flower now, and next year you will have extra flowers (or bulbs) in the garden. I love spring. It's wonderful to see everything in the garden gradually coming to life again. New beginnings - new hope! Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Laura, these are beautiful. I like that you buy flowers that you can plant after! I always look forward to your Friday Flowers. They're always something to smile about. Happy weekend.

  4. What lovely images. I am a big fan of hyacinths, they have the most divine fragrance. I look forward to seeing your garden :)

  5. Your photos are always divine. They have a wonderful calmness about them it doesn't matter what the subject it. Hope the Springtime brings better gardening weather for you.
    Happy weekend.

  6. I need a scratch & sniff screen! I love hyacinths - will we get a peek at your garden too sometime? Wishing you a wonderful weekend, Laura!

  7. Your pictures are beautiful, Laura! I hope with the coming of spring and flowers blooming that I will be able to join your party! Your hyacinth is gorgeous!

    Have a Happy Weekend!


  8. Hi Laura - ohh I adore hyacinths - they just say 'SPRING!' to me. Still we are lurking in winter even though I convince myself it's getting warmer. Oh it's time for a change isn't it? I am sure it's way more extreme there so hang on in! Lou x

  9. Laura, don't hyacinths epitomise spring...the smell is so strong in the son often says 'mum something stinks in the kitchen'...and I tell him it's the smell of spring...he usually just rolls his eye. Smells heaps better than his bedroom! Robx

  10. Ah, Laura, it's so funny to see your pretty hyacinth when we are feeling the autumnal coolness descend. Loving the blue...J x

  11. hello my lovely L.....
    you know....i had you as my first link up this week...& you weren't there!
    so i went back & took out the link....i need to be patient some fridays esp when i know you are balancing the gals...painting...tarps...getting that creative photog mojo back on track....
    & worth the wait!!
    i adore front garden is FULL of them...i love it!
    now am awaiting the daffs coming out in all the french buckets i've planted out...
    i had a *you* moment today...the sun is out & that meant we were all to eat lunch, by my reckoning, in the was so flipping cold- proving like you- i cannot hurry spring!!

    can't wait to see your garden & the kitchen cupboards....
    happy saturday sweet...
    m xoxox

  12. Thanks for hosting such a nice party. I discovered your blog a few weeks ago only... And I'm always up for a cup of tea, so I suscribed. And now, I'm even submitting a flower post. Of course, I will link back to your blog, that is as soon as the "link thing" is working on my blog, so not tonight, as I've been trying for more than an hour!!!

  13. Beautiful photos Laura!
    I can smell that hyacinths from here!
    I get into blogging funks all the time...I think i'm in one now actually!

    Happy Weekend!

    Pamela :)

  14. Sorry that my Friday flower hasn't arrived until Sunday but better late than never! I know how you feel sometimes you are so consumed with whats happening at home (in your case all that painting)that you just can't think of fresh ideas or inspiration. Love your plants and look forward to seeing your garden.
    have a lovely Sunday

  15. i almost went outside and planted some bulbs this weekend, and now i'm certainly wishing i did! your flowers are gorgeous. your blog is such a comforting, beautiful taste of spring!

  16. Trying not to be
    TOO jealous that
    you have green shoots
    pushing up in your
    garden.....Nothing on
    our end, yet....It all
    seems to explode at once,
    come the beginning of MAY!
    Hope your week is off to
    a lovely start.
    xx Suzanne

  17. Hyacinths are just the most beautiful flowers. Spring has truly arrived!

  18. lovely post. I can't wait to see my hyacinths making their ways through the soil. Hugs


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