Monday, January 31, 2011

A welcoming draught excluder...

So... it's pretty darn cold here, with yet more snow forecast this week... I feel I've been starting a lot of blogs with that opening line... I guess all of this snow is still a bit of a novelty for me...
Anyhoo, our little old house is standing up to the elements (so far... I hope I don't jinx it), but this harsh weather does bring a few problems with it... like the half-inch gap at the bottom of the kitchen door... normally not an issue, but the cool breeze that circles around my ankles while I drink my morning cuppa is becoming a bit of a pain... even my ankle booty slippers aren't helping. So, in an attempt to address the micro-climate I have going on in the kitchen, I decided to make a draught excluder... or draft dodger as the hubby calls them...

Sorry about the cat flap, but this is real life...
Got to say, I thought I had bitten off more than I could chew, as sewing the letters on was a tad tricky (beyond my novice capabilities), but I stuck with it, and I like the results. My mother-in-law said it looked homely... I think that's a good thing... right?

Anyways, I'm chuffed to pieces (very pleased) with the fact that I tackled piping and succeeded... I had no pattern to work from and even put weighty bits in it so it stays put!  But, the point of this post today was to let you know that if I can try my hand at this sewing malarkey, then anyone can. I know my end product isn't amazing, but it's a start... if you're on the fence and want to start sewing, but don't think you can... give it a go and, before long, you'll be churning out all manner of creations! Now, I'm going whip up another one for the living room... Oohh, I wonder if it would work for the windows, too... Perhaps I'll just wrap the whole house in fluff!

More snow tonight and tomorrow... this is New Jersey, right. and not Canada??

Have a great week, all, and thanks for visiting today. You bring warmth and sunshine to me on these cold, cold days!

I've linked up with Sarah at A beach cottage - Good life Wednesday ... head on over and you'll find more inspiration than you can shake a stick at!


  1. Here in Chicago, we are expecting up to 2 feet of snow by Wednesday. I could use several "draft dodgers" myself. Besides, they are so adorable. And I love the unique welcome sign.


  2. That is so cute Laura. You did a great job. I've seen them weighted with beans. I think they'd work great on windows too. One must keep their tootsies warm!

  3. I love how your draught excluder turned out, Laura! It looks fabulous! Our home is really old and there are slight gaps under the window in one of the girls' bedrooms, so I made some draught excluders for that until we can get it fixed and they do work! Cannot wait to see what else you create as this was one gorgeous project! Stay warm ~ Tina xx

  4. Hey Laura, have you noticed how draughty my place is.....?

  5. I love it!! Love the lettering and the piping. I'm a pretty novice seamstress too and am yet to tackle piping.

  6. I love, love, love your blog! Great pictures and I want to just sift through all your posts.

  7. Your draft dodger is beautiful and piping too - I avoid it like the plague and I have been sewing some time. I made one for my mum and put warm and cosy on it and my friend Louise put God Save the Gas on her's. Keep warm and cosy.

  8. Anybody that can sew piping is right up there as far as I'm concerned! Robx

  9. Hi Laura
    Well you really are beginning to be a dab hand at the sewing now! made like a professional, we have the same problem here with draughts, so maybe I will make some too. No snow here just the normal damp and drizzly weather, hurry up spring!

  10. Hey Sweetie What a fabulous job you did! I am so impressed at witnessing your burgeoning sewing talents. Oh, and we call them 'sausage dogs' over here ☺. J x

  11. you did soooo GOOD!!!

    homely is a divine word...and yours is perfectly sewn and perfectly homely....thats what creating for your family is all about...

    now a little tip/question -sis you iron your letters on with *bondaweb* {double sided adhesive} first??
    you iron it on the fabric...draw the letters in reverse ...cut them out and then iron them onto the fabric...they stay in place and you sew around them! toooooo easy!!

    just a little tip if you are going to cover the house in them and start making them for all your lovely chilly neighbours!

    keep going--- sewing is just the best way to instantly create something!
    melissa xx

  12. I think you did a smash up job! One thing you could try if you don't won't to sew the letters on is to use what I think is called a fuseable lining, iron the fabric to it, cut the letters out, put on some Stay Fray if needed, and then use the same fuseable lining to iron the letters on. Easy Peazy Lemon Squeezy, I think... HaHa!

  13. I think it's adorable! I used to use those when we lived in Maryland... the winters there were a bit colder than here in Virginia. They kept the draft out as well as the heat in.

    Great job!


  14. MOL here. LOL...I said Homey (which is warm and cozy) as opposed to Homely (which would mean ugly). And it's definitley not homely :) Great job!!!!!

  15. Aw, that is so cute!! I could do with one of them myself!

  16. I was very excited to leave mine behind in the US. But if mine had been as cute as yours, I would have brought it and found a creative use for it. Sending warm thoughts your way...

  17. Your draught excluder is fab! I've always been meaning to make one so maybe I will try now. Weather has been a bit milder here this month, can't wait for Spring. Love the idea of wrapping the whole house in fluff! Have a good day!

  18. That looks great Laura, you should most definitely be 'chuffed to bits with it!'
    Keep warm, we are sweltering in the humid heat here.

  19. Oh that looks great! I need one of those to keep the cold in my house! ps I love your blog


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