Friday, January 21, 2011

The circus that is life...

First, I want to apologise for not posting mid-week... I had every intention of sharing a little of my world with you, but life happened, bowled me over, and left me with a migraine... You know, one of those heads where even the glare of the television is too much.
Before all this, I had one of those days where you sit back and look at what's going off around you and wonder, 'When did I join the circus?'
As I walked through my front door, I had my youngest screaming 'Coat! Coat! Coat!' at me... you see, she hates clothes, and as soon as we enter the house she starts demanding that I de-robe her... This is all with a sense of urgency, that if I don't do it in seven seconds flat, she'll spontaneously combust...

Add to this chaos, a dog running around, bounding up at said child... charged with sheer happiness... happy that we have finally returned from our 2 hour jaunt... and if I don't acknowledge her and her joy, she'll promptly skulk off to the kitchen and tear apart one of her stuffed animals... leaving the innards of little doggie toys floating around my kitchen like tumbleweed in the desert...

... then there was the 4-year old... asleep in the car... yet to be brought in... the phrase, 'don't wake sleeping bears' was running through my mind... knowing (from experience), that, once awoken, I would be greeted by crying... no, make that shrieking and tantrums... followed by a bathroom break (her) and more tears. The energy level in the house was at 10... and none of it was happy energy (apart from the dog's, although at this point, I think even she had started ripping up her stuffed elephant). After all this had finally calmed down to a dull roar (about 45 minutes later), I locked myself in the kitchen and made myself a cup of tea... I imagined what my house was like 5 minutes before we descended... imagined it still, and quiet, the peaceful haven I try to create... you see, I never see it like this... ever... it's always full of energy, noise... life... that's what a home is... it takes on the energy that fills it and becomes this persona.  One day, it will be quiet... one day, I will hear the tick of the clock in an empty house and remember these 'happy' times... Not on this day, though... this day, the house had a migraine and needed the blinds pulled!

Sorry for the long post today... I just wanted to share a little... Anyhoo, my Friday Flower, was brought by my hubby this week... a pity bouquet... he picked them all out and presented them to me last night. I think they have a country feel to them... they even have a little bit of lucky heather in... I guess he thinks I need it.

Wishing you all a fantastic weekend... Lets make it a relaxing one!

If you would like to join in with this weeks Friday Flower, simply use the Linky widget below... we all could do with more flowers in our lives! 


  1. i just came across your pretty blog...i added a flower post. old but good. have a nice weekend!

  2. oh sweet...i would have taken both kiddos and the dog from you...made you a pot of herbal tea and put you to BED!

    i can hear the *life* in your house...ours has it to, in varying degrees and depending on the day and child!

    hope you feeling a little're right one day we will sit back and hear the ticking of the clock...i can't bear thinking about it!

    have a happy migraine-free weekend....
    fingers crossed for our package of friendship to could do with a little spoiling!

    melissa xxx
    linking up this afternoon...i'm back on board with a FF xx

  3. I feel for you...I had 4 children under the age of 10 by the time I was 30 years old. There were days I didn't have time to shower. Now, the youngest is 19 and 3 of them live at home. It still gets very quiet as they go about their own lives and I feel less needed everyday. My won't be like this forever.

    I hope your migraine has disappeared and this finds you well and happy.


  4. Hope you are feeling better and will enjoy the weekend. Sounds like your house is full of life, but also joy!
    xo Cathy

  5. Oh Laura, this is such a reconizable scene, (just yesterday my litte one starting stamping and shrieking in the middle of the street...sigh...). Hope you feel some peace and rest somewhere during this weekend (ask your hubby to take them somewhere, put your feet up and perhaps you can hear that clock, even for an hour).
    Oh and the flowers are lovely, reminds me of spring (wherever it may hiding, not here anyway, snow is back!)
    Hugs, Maureen x

  6. I've got my fingers crossed for you to have a peaceful weekend (as much as possible)!

  7. Laura, if anybody needed a 'pity bouquet' today it was definitely you! I remember days like that well, with my daughter's head doing a 360' on her shoulders...and you just get on with it headache or not don't you. I hope your weekend is indeed a relaxing one! Robx

  8. Speaking as one that knows...this too shall pass...
    All mine are now grown and the house is sooo quiet ALL the time that sometimes I long for them to be little and noisey again just for one day. Wanting to sit on my lap again, calling me "mommy"...pulling at me...just being.
    I can imagine the headache you must have...sometimes you just HAVE to take time for yourself to preserve your sanity. You deserve the gorgeous flowers!!! Hope the weekend brings you some peace!!!!

  9. When you have an empty house although for a moment it will seem blissful you will yearn for the noise again, this is said from experience, I really miss the house full of little children it feels alive even on the bad days.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  10. Our house still seems
    to explode after school, even
    though my kiddos are older than
    yours....door flies open,
    book bags dropped, fridge
    thrown open, dog dancing
    underfoot with joy....But
    you see, I am close enough
    to my eldest leaving the
    nest to now smile and say
    a little thank you prayer.
    At one point, I never thought
    that I would have this ~ but
    I was blessed, and so are YOU.
    Happy Friday, Laura!
    xx Suzanne
    PS: Pop over and see who I
    dedicated a flower to....You
    know her well : )

  11. Oh, Sweets! You could have been describing a moment on Planet Baby. Any day of the week. I am so impressed that you managed to remember all the details to write about it!
    Oh, and I like the little changes you've made with the furniture! J x

  12. So sorry to hear about what Junie B calls a 'myBrain' headache. Sounds awful. So sweet that your husband bought you a bouquet - he's so wise! Don't you just love it when our men 'get' us?! XOL

  13. Oh you poor thing, migraines are horrible! Your flowers are stunning though!
    ps I finally linked up with your friday flowers. Thanks!

  14. Poor thing - migraines must be horrendous; my friend suffers from them and they knock her out. The description of the chaotic household really rings true for me. I have less of that now as my children are older but there is definitely still the potential. I can recall times when things would escalate and I would be there alone trying to work out what best to do. Meanwhile the noise would get higher and higher. Lovely flowers though and P.S I still have a package to send you, just need your address! Lou xx

  15. Laura, Loved your pledge to the written word! Had to put it on my blog too! How ever did you find it?

  16. what beautiful flowers.....think the whole of January is a bit of a headache!!

  17. It's always good to have a cup of tea and stop by to see what lovely things are happening at your house. Hope you have a great week!

  18. I totally remember this sort of circus. And I specifically remember locking myself in the loo with the telephone, the only place I could talk in peace!! Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!! These are the most precious moments of your family life, tiring maybe but wonderful
    Have a great week

  19. the circus of life... experiencing a bit of that down here too at the moment! hope you've had a lovely, peaceful (somewhat anyway) weekend. Love the flowers :) x

  20. You should teach the little one how to take off her cloth herself.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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