Friday, January 14, 2011

A Friday Flower and hope...

It is bitterly cold here in New Jersey. Once upon a time, this would have been a day where I'd have waved the hubby goodbye at the door, and then snuggled up on the couch with my little ones all day... but times are 'a changing...  I now have to bundle us all up and get my eldest to Pre-K ('nursery' for anyone outside the States), much to my youngest daughters displeasure. It feels like a whole lot of effort for a mere 3 hours break. By the time I've dropped her off, settled her in the classroom, cajoled my other one back into the car, and then driven home, it's almost time to think about heading back! Needless to say, on days when it's this cold, I do mull over the possibility of us all staying at home... Does that make me a bad Mum? Wait, don't answer that.

Anyhoo, even though it is in the low teens here (Fahrenheit), I know that we are heading in the right direction... shops are, once again, full of Spring flowers... from hyacinth bulbs, to narcissus, to daffodils and, my favourite, tulips. Spring flowers, so vibrant in colour, so delicate and yet so hardy. A symbol of new beginnings, fresh starts, and better things to come.

With this sentiment in mind, I would like to dedicate my Friday Flower this week to all those individuals that have been tragically effected by the floods in Queensland, Australia. The stories that have come out of this disaster are beyond comprehension... families dealing with the loss of fathers, mothers, and, most tragically, children. Dealing with the loss of their homes... a sacred place to all individuals... Some things can be replaced, but not all... All we can hope for is that time will heal and that each day is a step in the right direction.

If you would like to donate to the Queensland Flood Appeal, please click here.

Take care all and wishing you all a relaxing weekend...


  1. Hi Laura,
    Beautiful flowers! That soft pink is lovely, and yes we are also heading towards better weather (for now that is, maybe we will get another snow period...)
    I made a link to you, for FF, thanks for starting this! Take care in the cold!
    Maureen x

  2. Hi Laura - I am trying to give over every spare thought to the people in Queensland, it just doesn't bear thinking about. I also read on a blog I follow called Simple Thoughts of a blogger whose house burned down the night before Christmas and she too lost everything in one hit. Reading about her reactions really brought it home to me, how we take where we live for granted and if its taken away we are lost. All very thought provoking. All that's left to say is lovely flowers... Lou xx

  3. Thankyou for mentioning the tragedy that Australia is going through...hopefully the good that can come from it is caring messages from around the world.
    I, too, would like to just hibernate during the those little ones keep you going! I love the promise of spring and tulips also...something to look forward to!!!

  4. There is a big bouquet of tulips on my kitchen counter on another sold snowy day here too. Thoughts and prayers with those in Australia.
    Stay warm...xo...Cathy

  5. A lovely sentiment, sweet Laura. It's been an horrendous week over here. Now the clean-up and recovery start. J x

  6. So sad about Queensland - it has been in my thoughts constantly. Your tulips are beautiful, and I totally get playing hookie every once and a while - I give you permission to have a popcorn and hot chocolate day off. XOL

  7. So very lovely! What a sight to this flower-deprived set of eyes. I was at the grocery and gazed at the tulips. I should have gone ahead and bought them.

  8. Oh....pretty pretty tulips!! One of my favorite spring flowers!!!

  9. hello lovely friend....i too have a huge bunch {actually 2 -white & pink} on my kitchen table of tulips as they were on sale!!!
    like you- i still can't resist fresh flowers, especially at this time of year!

    i soo understand that "ooohhh we could all just stay home and birdwatch and snuggle" theory when you've only got one little one at pre school and only for a few hours a day!
    really whats a day off here and there at their age...?!
    my son turned 10 on the weekend...{hence no FF from me as too busy getting yet another big dec/jan thing done and finished!!} and the best memories we have created with him and his sisters {and the best 'learning' times} have been when we have taken them out of school and travelled or hung out as a family...."mental health days"!!

    so enjoy a moment with your E on her own and then for no reason surprise both her and M with a day off!
    ours love it....before they've asked....!

    parcel arrived yet??? b****y english mail service!!

    Melissa xxx

  10. I missed this on
    Friday...perhaps I
    was a bit too early...
    but certainly do
    appreciate a flower
    send to Oz for all
    of the individuals this
    devastating flooding
    affected. Just heart
    breaking. Beautiful
    tulips! I've got a
    pot of tulip bulbs on
    my counter....about
    four inches of green tips,
    xx Suzanne


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