Thursday, January 27, 2011

A birthday and a Friday Flower...

So, this past Tuesday was my birthday... another year closer to the big 4-0... not that I'm that worried by this prospect... honest... From what I hear, 40's are the new 30's... and, I have to admit, with each passing year, I become more confident in my own skin. Crazy, that when I had youth on my side, I spent so much time preoccupied with my weight, skin, hair, etc. instead of just enjoying what god gave me and making the most of it! When thinking about this, I always think of the Baz Luhrmann lyrics from 'Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen)':

You will not understand the power and beauty of your youth until they have faded. 

But trust me, in 20 years you’ll look back at photos of yourself and 
recall in a way you can’t grasp now how much possibility lay before 
you and how fabulous you really looked….

Anyhoo, what am I wittering on about? My mum assures me that I am still a spring chicken, and mums are always right...
And so, to my Friday Flower this week... naturally, a birthday bunch from the hubby... well, a selection of them, as they also included roses, but I decided to split them as I found the colours jarred... beautiful and thoughtful nonetheless...

This week's floral offering is dedicated to Maureen from Daydream Living. I visit her blog whenever I see a post and always come away with a smile on my face. Sometimes her posts are short and sweet, while, at other times, she introduces us to individuals that inspire her... and, sometimes, we are treated into an insight into Maureen's life... whatever the post, though, you will always leave feeling happy, as Maureen's warmth and friendliness radiate through her blog. While your tea is still warm, you could nip over and say hi. I know you'll be welcome!

Take care, all, and have a fantastic weekend... I have Disney Princesses on Ice to look forward to... a treat for the girls, for my birthday... how did that happen??

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  1. Happy Birthday! I am so glad you had a lovely day. The flowers are so pretty-you deserve them!

    Best wishes for a fabulous year.

  2. Happy birthday, Sweetheart! Sending you a hug Hobart ♥. And yes, Maureen's just delightful. A true gem. J x

  3. happy birthday!

    and yes I did exactly the same thing in my youth, worrying about every single little thing that I could...not I look back and sigh at all that angst...

    lovely pretty flowers


  4. Happy belated birthday! Hope you were thoroughly spoilt x

  5. Happy happy birthday Laura, as you know you share your special day with Robert Burns and now you also know that it's Saint Dwynwen day in Wales.
    Enjoy Disney Princesses on Ice.

  6. have a wonderful birthday ... and enjoy the show!

  7. How funny i thought your blog looked very English, and then just read that you are, and now you live by the sea in the US.

    Happy birthday

  8. Happy Birthday! Your flowers are such a gorgeous colour!

  9. hap hap happy birthday sweetie...
    can't believe you kept it so quiet!

    and i can honestly assure you that 40 is the new 30!

    if you spend the actual day you turn 40 exactly as you want to....then it will continue in that same wonderful way...i really believe that!

    so love that those gifts for kiddos that are sort of, in some round-a-bout way for us....!
    enjoy with your possums...

    huge hugs to you -have you received your box of goodies yet?
    you could have worn your red robin bedsocks on your bday....

    melissa xxx

  10. Laura, if your 40's are the new 30's, I'm hoping that my 50's will be the 40's as come April I hit the big 5 0 ! Regarding photos of yourself, I have just been issued a British drivers license and the photo is ghastly...however I do agree that in 10 years time I will probably love it! Robx

  11. Happy Birthday, Laura! Your flowers are just gorgeous. You have a very sweet husband!

    Enjoy the ice show with your family!


  12. Happy B-day, spring chicken!
    I'm staring down a bigger
    milestone in a couple of years,
    so believe me when I say it,
    embrace each decade and love it.
    I will go and see Maureen.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    xx Suzanne

  13. Happy Birthday, sweetie! I love birthdays :) I hope yours was a special one! XOL

  14. Happy Birthday to you - Disney on Ice how wonderful - being 40 is no where near as awful as being 30. I cried when I was 30 but was happy to be 40. Now I can't remember how old I am half the time and have to ask DOH am I 46 or 47 - problem is half the time he can't remember either. The lyrics are so true a friend and I were only talking about the same thing a few days ago. Enjoy your weekend. D x

  15. Ok, so here is the deal...
    Me, sick these last days, still putting on a whole give away, folding in the end the name tags and half an hour later you comment...! Me, puzzled what to do? I think we had an international connection, because when you typed and I folded, our thoughts must have crossed, I was thinking why I didn't see you that day, and voila! But I couldn't do anything, hands tight, blabla...
    My dearest Laura, now I'm sitting here, blurry eyed thinking, just see what Laura has got to say and my aaah's and oooh's are huge here! You thought of me! Moi, little 40 years and 3 months me!
    So, to start this comment properly:
    HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY! And please next time make a big deal, so we can celebrate in style, oh, and the 4-0 is just mentally, no biggie, jsut wait and see!
    Honey, my smile is huge now, thank you so much, we have to catch up properly, mail me, but in the meantime I go to sleep happy, thanks babe!
    Maureen xx

  16. Oh, forgot to say, your lovely quote is also on the photocards I made, hope you like it!

  17. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARHLIN'! OH, and haven't you heard, the new 50's are the new 20's, so just think, you're going to keep getting younger and younger. Now how great is that!

  18. Happy B-Day!! Your hubby is one great guy in the flower department! AND by the way...40 is just a babe to me!!! (6-0!!!how'd THAT happen???)

  19. So very well said. I turn the big 40 this year and I decided to focus on more self acceptance rather than so much self improvement. Great blog!

  20. Very beautiful, I yield to such magnificent compositions are filled with finesse and softness ...

  21. Hope you had a lovely birthday with lots of treats!

  22. Visiting from Robynne's Nest. I love asters. I concur with with the pledge to read the printed word.
    Happy belated birthday!

  23. Many happy returns, birthday girl!!

    I've always LOVED that quote too by ol' Baz. It's so poignantly true.

    I can be your birthday follower. wait...that didn't come out right!!! Whatever....I can't wait to follow along with you into yours forties!



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