Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Smile in 2011

I'm a little bit late off the starting block when it comes to the New Year... but I've made it... I'm finally here in 2011. How's yours going so far? I've been trying to get the this little old place ship-shape and ready for the up and coming year (which mainly just involved packing away the holiday decorations). A job which I never relish, packing away all the magic, carefully, in bubble wrap, knowing that it will be a whole 11 months before I see them again (by which time I've usually forgotten what has been squirreled away).

Anyhoo, I was listening to the radio (yes, Santa did treat me to that cream Roberts radio... I must have been a really good girl...) and there was a segment on New Year's resolutions... who makes them and what they were for 2011. There were the usual... stop smoking... diet... be more organised, etc... and then, one women announced that, in order to keep her New Year's resolution, she was setting her goals a lot lower in 2011... My ears pricked up and I decided I liked the cut of her jib... my kind of gal... Anyways, her resolution was to smile every morning... and my first thought was, 'attainable... really?'
This thought was closely followed by 'You cynic, Laura. Is it really that hard to smile every morning?'
I'd love to say no... I'd love to say that I wake up, think of my life, and smile... just as the bluebirds peal back my bed linen and the dog runs in with my nicely warmed slippers, and places them beside my bed... but life isn't a fairytale... I'm not going to go into my morning routine, as I'm sure, most of you out there have your own morning tales to tell. All I will say is that it's like waking up strapped into a roller coaster and knowing that there's no way off until bedtime.

Where am I going with this?... Ahh, yes... to smile every morning... Yes, this is my New Year's resolution... to do it right before the chaos happens... that split second where my eyelids are still heavy and clinging onto my eyeballs for dear life, I'm going to remind myself that I would not have my life any other way... remind myself that, throughout the day, there will be tears and there will be tantrums, but there will be lots and lots of smiles...

Take care all and keep smiling!
L :-)


  1. Oh I love this! But just in case you do find those bluebirds and dogs of fairytales, please share! xo Cathy

  2. Just perfect Laura.
    Happy smiles all around in 2011

  3. Love the put a smile on my face :) and LOVE the picture of Edie, with her amazing smile!

  4. Hi Sweetie Happy New Year! Ah, I *completely* hear where you are coming from! Tears and tantrums are the soundtrack to my day ☺. J x

  5. Happy new year Laura! And good luck with the resolution. In the midst of all the seasonal talk of being better, healthier, more saintly etc, I love the idea of lower, attainable goals.

  6. Hahaha, I tried it, smiling without a cause, it was weird and I could feel muscles that I didn't know I had... so I need to smile more is my thinking, thanks for this Laura!

  7. oh L- i too love this...achievable??
    i like to think so...but time will tell for us both...
    hope you don't mind me adopting this resolution for just seems soo much easier than your afore mentioned diets etc...
    but as i said...time will tell!

    a little something coming your gals way...hoping it makes you all smile....well after your morning one...

    big hugs for the new year...melissa xx

  8. One of my resolutions? To pass my driving test ;)

    I read that it is good to go to sleep with a smile - same concept, just the flip side. For some reason this sounds easier. I love your bluebird image - sounds heavenly! XOL

  9. First as for packing away the Christmas things...I do it in (inexensive) tissue wrap and the following year when i get it all out, it feels like unwrapping a present to myself!
    Secondly, at work we had a class that was manditory about customer service and smiling at anyone who is within 50 feet of you...never avoiding eyes, always say something. At first, this was hard to do, getting in an elevator with strangers, etc. I found that people enjoy it though and always smile and talk back! Now it's a habit and i love it! An ability to make others smile...good stuff!!

  10. just beautiful. smiling, even when you don't really feel like it, is an instant mood lifter. what a lovely, lovely way to start your day:)

  11. Hi - my friend made the same commitment - to try to smile more. Seems so simple but actually quite hard at times! Everytime we are having a moan at work we have to stop and say SMILE!!! Makes us laugh. Anyway come see another giveaway today on my blog - of the handbag variety this time! Lou x

  12. What a lovely way to start the new year and each day. I will aim for this too. It's sad to think that we need to be reminded of smiling but alas, most of us do need a nudge. Thanks for nudging me along.


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