Friday, January 7, 2011

If January were a dress...

December is a month of excess, opulence, and over-indulgence.. the perfect way to end the year. It's as though the eleven months prior were there simply to build anticipation, leading us to the crescendo that is December. During this month, we bid farewell to the year, surrounded by vibrant colours, rich food, drink, glitz, and glamour! If December were a dress, it would be a figure-hugging, swanky, red velvet number, encrusted in rhinestones... the type of dress Jane Mansfield would have worn as she sashayed down the red carpet...

... and now, here we are in January... the beginning... the bottom step. A month of reflection, cleansing, simplicity, hope, and optimism. All the brashness of December has been packed away and we return to normality. I imagine that the sentence, 'it's so bare in here now' has been uttered in many a household this week. Furniture is pushed out and allowed to breathe again. Walls are, once again, bare and uncluttered. Lighting becomes subdued. Meals are functional... During the month of January, I find myself wanting to be grounded, and am reminded as to what is really important in life... If January were a dress it would be a plain, simple, practical, grey, and wool...

... with this in mind, I picked a Friday Flower that encapsulated the month of January. Clean, pure, and uncomplicated... displayed simply in a vintage jar... no hoopla, just pretty...

Wishing you all a great weekend. Looking forward to catching up next week!


  1. Your words are so true at this time of the new year.
    After packing away the decorations it is time to relax and reflect.

  2. The perfect posy.
    I think you echo
    the sentiments that
    many of us feel.
    I actually love the
    coziness and promise
    of January. Here's
    a toast to it, and
    to YOU : ) !!
    Happy Friday,
    xx Suzanne

  3. You express my feeling so well...January is a definitely a warm wool dress, and we need that now! The posy is just perfect!


  4. Laura, dare I tell you that my xmas tree is still up...every day I intend to dismantle it, but keep putting it off...tomorrow is the day! I'm not sure about the plain grey wool dress where I come from...having lived in Australia you would know that the trend in January would have been shorts, t-shirt and a pair of thongs (sorry flip flops)! Robx

  5. You're right Robynne... if January were a dress in the southern hemisphere it would be a maxi dress... or a sensible one-piece! Lx

  6. Yes, I feel exactly the same. Each new year i have a need of change in the house,clearing everything...

  7. Well put. The arrangmenet looks beautiful and fresh. G

  8. i just stumbled upon your blog, and i love it already! the way you compared the months to dresses is so true! January is all about the beginning..

  9. So pretty! Today I brought home a bouquet of tulips to add a touch of spring on another snowy day.
    xo Cathy

  10. The flowers may be pure, clean and uncomplicated but sometimes that is classicly simple...which I love! I, too, think January is somewhat grey and dull, but that to me means cozy and cuddly...warm blanket to wrap up in, a robe, warm food, a bubble bath and...a good book or flick...ahhhh!

  11. That really resonates with me, Laura. A thoughtful post, dear friend. J x

  12. A beautifully worded beginning for a new year! Thank you!

  13. after the holidays simple sounds sooooo good to my ears! Beautiful pick for this month! wishing you a relaxed cozy weekend,

  14. You are right about it being the bottom step - I hadn't thought of it that way, especially when it is coming off of BIG December. Lovely post
    Happy Weekend! XOL

  15. Hi Laura,
    I love your title of this post, and comparing the months as dresses, brilliant! Yes, January for me would also be grey (with a little white) and wool, I wore one on New Years Eve! Enjoy your weekend sweetie!
    Maureen xx

  16. hello lovely...yep i love this post!
    dresses & christmas/new year...i love it!
    to be honest although i love the red JM christmas ensemble...i also love the grey january dress...reliable..organised & well still kinda cool in a retro non-flamboyant way....

    enjoy the beginning of 2011-any pressies arrived yet??

    melissa x0x0x

  17. Laura,

    So lovely a bouquet and wonderment ahead for all of us in 2011!

    A new Giveaway on Monday!

    Art by Karena


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