Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Valentine's birthday...

So, yesterday, when the majority were concerned with amore and matters of the heart, my focus was on my nearest and dearest (the hubby), as he shares his birthday with Valentine's Day. So, while all others are receiving flowers and being pampered by their loved ones, I become the pamperer, and all thoughts of Valentine's were swept aside... Okay, so maybe there were a smattering of hearts...

... starting with the 6:00 a.m. wake-up to bake cookies for my daughter's Valentine's party at school. As the hubby rubbed the sleep from his eyes and poured his morning coffee, his only comment was, 'Now that's a dedicated mummy'... no, that's a crazy mummy!

Anyhoo, cookies baked and daughter packed off to school, I then set about preparing a birthday meal for my man. Now, once upon a time, we would have hit the restaurants, but, after years of being squeezed shoulder-to-shoulder with other loved-up couples, presented with a prix fix menu (with obligatory glass of champers), and a nice fat bill at the end of it, we decided to ditch the restaurant and have a blow out meal at home... this also solved the problem that no one is up for babysitting on Valentine's night.

So, ingredients brought, I then foolishly decided to bake a birthday cake with girls... this was after we had made a glitter card, and so, said cake had a nice unhealthy amount of red glitter added to it (you know how hard it is to clean up glitter?? I think I'll still be finding it next Valentine's).
Needless to say, after the candle-blowing, the wish-making, and the frosting being licked off the cake, the rest went into the bin (garbage)...

... kids packed off to bed and then down to adult matters... those being food-related (nothing saucy here; it's a kid-friendly blog... you never know who's reading)... I'd decided to cook a man's meal of steak (such a cliche, I know, but it is his favourite)... as I don't eat red meat, I have no idea how to cook steak, so when the hubby stuck his knife in (the steak, not me), it practically mooed. Luckily, I'd doused it in lashings of Stilton sauce. He was very polite, though, and said 'That's just how I like my steak'... not sure if that was a lie... but anyhoo, it made him look very manly... with the blood dripping from his chin, I was taken away to the Brad Pitt vampire movie....

With dinner cooked, eaten, and cleared away, I slumped into the couch at 9:30 realising that I had not sat down all day. A far cry from the days of being pampered... hand fed chocolate-dipped strawberries while sipping Dom Perignon ... wait a minute, that never happened...
Anyhoo, I hope you all had the day that you wished for...  strangely, I did!

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  1. Great post Laura!!
    Your writing is so witty I love it!!!
    Love the cookies and cake you made...at 6am!!!
    You are a superb mom and wife!!
    Pamela xo

  2. Goodness you had a packed day - you are indeed a good momma and wifey! I found some gold Christmas confetti under the sofa yesterday! (actually finding it in Feb's not bad is it, but knowing my cleaning (lack of), I'll be finding it in Nov too! Enjoy today - have a rest!

  3. Well Laura that was some celebration, glitter is never a bad thing, perhaps the rest of the week maybe a little more relaxed have a little me time (I know that isn't always possible with little ones)
    Usual boring English weather here at the moment dull dull and more rain!!

  4. Hi Laura love your post Valentines is a no go in our house for no particular reason we just dont do it. However we do DO glitter - with four girls glitter is a must. Hubby used to be in the RAF he was an engineering officer and I used to love it when he came home at the end of the day looking all smart and official and with just a touch of glitter on his face somewhere. So funny - think of all the meetings and men/women he had met that day with glitter on his FACE. Tee Hee. He was never bothered either - hum not sure about THAT! Dyl the cocker spanial also looks fine with a sprinkle of glitter not that we do it intentionally but sometimes he just positively sparkles. He is at the groomers right now waiting for the call to collect him. Can't wait its an empty house without the pupster. TTFN.

  5. LOve your blog !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. sounds like a busy day...love the photos, especially the red in the cookie cutters and measuring cups...:)


    stuff and nonsense

  7. Awwww what a sweet post! You pampered your loves... they are sooo lucky to have you!!! wishing you a day of rest after all that work.... i'm like you, not a read meat eater and have no idea how to cook it... but made it for Christmas dinner and i'm fairly certain everyone just said yummm to make me happy!

  8. Loved this post. Made me smile! Sounds like you had a lovely evening.


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