Monday, February 21, 2011

I ♥ hearts...

This past Valentine's Day, I felt inspired by all the blogs out there making paper heart decorations and so, I decided to snip some out myself and string them across the headboard in our bedroom... As I strung the little hearts over our marital bed, I smiled to myself, thinking it was like dressing the bed up for the bride and groom on their wedding night... not that anyone did that for us, but I imagine that this could happen...

Anyhoo, I was quite taken by the sight of those little hearts dangling above us as our heads hit the pillow... hearts mean 'love'... and, with this physical reminder staring us in the face, I figured that if they were always there, then we could never go to bed angry with each other... this little cue would tell us, 'hey you're in love'...

So, this past weekend, I dragged out the sewing machine and created a more permanent string of hearts. As I'm still a novice at this sewing game, I spent an inordinate amount of time cutting out the 'perfect' heart ... and that was supposed to be the easy part... well, in hind sight, I guess it was, because then came the sewing...

Now, sewing the perfect heart has proved a little elusive to me, but I'm always preaching to my girls 'practice makes perfect'... and, I have to admit, towards the end of this little exercise, I was getting a little more proficient in the old heart sewing...
There was one lesson learnt... the opening for turning should be left at the bottom... well, in my case anyway, as my dodgy hand-sewing led to some bumpy hearts... But, who ever said the road to love was smooth??

Hope you're all having a great start to the week. Toodle pip!

Shared at A Beach Cottage - Good Life Wednesday, nip over for inspiration and a lovely yarn from Sarah.


  1. I heart your string of hearts! And even more so because they are not all the same!
    xo Cathy

  2. "bumpy hearts" -I love it! How true, and so much more real than mass produced perfect hearts. I have a lavender filled heart tied above my bed...but just the one. I need much more practise! x

  3. Absolutely gorgeous!!!! Love, love, love your string of hearts, Laura! They look perfect and so beautiful strung on your bedhead! ~ Tina xx

  4. i heart your not-very-wonky-but-very-lovely hearts L...
    made with love to remind you of love...a bumpy road true {this made me giggle}...not mass produced and perfect {again like relationships!}...

    how much fun are you having sewing!!
    improving a little more each time...your mama would be proud!!

    melissa xxx

  5. Beautiful little hearts,
    and bumpy is just perfect!
    Lovely lovely xxx

  6. Those little hearts look perfect there!! Well done! Lovely photos :) Abby x

  7. Aren't they sweet! They look great on your beautiful bed. All those lovely pillows - my Molly dog would have them strewn all over the place!

  8. Hi Laura loving the love hearts. Little tip (if you want it) dont cut out your hearts before sewing - draw your heart on your fabric on the wrong side - place two pieces of fabric wrong sides together pop under your sewing machine - with the pencil heart uppermost. Stitch along the line leaving a small gap for stuffing and turning. When sewing complete cut out leaving about 1 cm for stability then snip into the seams all around the heart to help create the curved shape, turn through stuff and slip stitch opening. Hope that helps this method works well with lots of different shapes I find it easier to work with a larger piece of fabric under the machine foot its easier to move around. Oh that ended up a bit long - hope I am not telling you how to suck eggs. TTFN

  9. You did a great job on your hearts, they look great.
    I have also found it easier to sew them up along a bottom edge :)

    Bee happy x

  10. What a lovely idea and I think they look great bumpy or not! Your bed looks gorgeous with all those lovely cushions. Great colours too! Ah, bliss! Michelle xx

  11. Yeah there are a lot of cushions... the girls like to play in them and when they lie on the bed they each have a cushion which is 'theirs'...

  12. Laura your hearts are beautiful - I love them! I have found it easier to make a more professional looking heart when I have em,bellished them with lace etc - it covers up the bad joining!!!

  13. These hearts look really sweet, and an iron bed like that is the perfect place to string them. Would love to see more of your house, the description "run down cape cod style" always leaves me dreamy!!

  14. Those are darling. I love hearts. Anything with hearts, I am drawn to. Great job!!

  15. We also sleep in
    an iron bed; perhaps
    I need to whip up a
    string of hearts, too : )
    My mom was here this
    week and we've been
    sewing Hope Softies to
    send to Australia.
    Funny how much stuffing
    it takes to fill up these
    little things....Imagine
    you found the same thing
    when stuffing your hearts!
    And the hand-sewing at the
    end....Forgot how slow I
    am at that! But, all for
    a good cause.
    Happy Tuesday, Laura!
    xx Suzanne

  16. Hi Laura!!

    I started making these same puffed hearts years back out of left over toile fabric. I love where you have put yours!! Very sweet and romantic!
    Pamela ox

  17. Hi Laura!

    It's in the middle of the night, couldn't sleep, looked on the computer and saw hearts! You are doing great with that machine! Shame I don't life closer, you could teach me how to and more (like the piping you did). You know, putting hearts in your bedroom is actually a great idea, more Love, Less rolling with the eyes (or so I have heard...).
    Well, I will try to sleep a little before the alarm goes, Night Laura!
    Maureen xx

  18. You would never know you were new to sewing. They look fab!! Your bedroom is beautiful and very tranquil. Looks like a lovely getaway :) XOL

  19. what a cool idea! i am still in the remodeling face of my bedroom, so i am going to 'steal' your idea! lovely!

  20. Absolutely adorable! I want a string of hearts just like yours. Maybe if I start now, it will be ready for next year!!!

  21. Hello,

    I found you at Dianes (Heart Shaped) & had too pop accross. You have a lovely blog, its lovely to have found you & I have managed 2 sneaky cups of tea whilst reading it...

    Love Lydia

  22. Oh i adore these hearts to hang over the bed.... they are fantastic!!! I must get a sewing machine, you've inspired me to learn to sew! thanks

  23. That's such a sweet, sweet reason to hang the hearts over your bed: to remember you're in love. I really like that.

    Another good heart-making tip is to use some kind of pointy thing to poke the stuffing right up into the curvy heart top.

    Yours look gorgeous!



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