Thursday, February 17, 2011

Say it with flowers...

Flowers... I wonder, when the first flower was given as a gift?? Flowers are given to express so many emotions... whether it be love, sympathy, congratulations, or a thank you. The simple act of giving this delicate bloom can convey it all... and, let's face it, there's no such thing as a bad flower (unless it's dead)... Granted, some flowers are considered passe or unimaginative, but each in their own right is beautiful... I mean, they have to be, after all they are the reproductive organs of a plant... their beauty is there to attract that passing insect... but, hey, we won't go there, as the act of giving reproductive organs as a gift just becomes plain weird...

Anyhoo, this past Valentine's, the hubby came home with this wonderful bouquet, and it just spoke to me... metaphorically, that is, not literally (although after the few glasses of wine I'd drunk, who knows). This bouquet told me that this man knows me well... knows that I love the natural look (green filler... no idea what it is but love it),  a little traditional (in the form of a rose), a little different (as an orchid), and something a little showy (the Gerber daisy). This bouquet told me that my man gets me and all the facets of my personality. Flowers really can say it all...

This week, I would like to dedicate my Friday Flower to Lou, who writes the beautiful blog Lou, Boos and Shoes. I never miss a post. I find myself nodding along to her insightful words... sometimes, I almost feel as though she were writing on behalf of me, as though she has insider knowledge of my life and, not only are we treated to her wonderful prose, but we can then sit back and swoon over the beautiful pictures that sync with her posts perfectly.

This week, I was also lucky to receive a a voucher for Belle and Boo from Lou (I feel I should be writing a rhyming ditty now)... yeah, little old me actually won something... Thank you, Lou, for hosting the competition but, most of all, thank you for putting together a perfect blog! If you haven't visited Lou yet, pop over... savour her words and absorb the pictures.

Have a great weekend all.

 If you would like to join in with this weeks Friday Flower, simply use the linky widget below to link to your flower post and then post a link to this page. 


  1. Ah, Laura, thanks for introducing us to Lou - I'm now following her delightful blog. And you lucky duck - I adore Belle & Boo! Have a fab weekend, Sweetie. J x

  2. What beautiful flowers! I am popping over to have a look at Lou's blog now x

  3. What gorgeous flowers - lucky you! Aren't the mauve roses similar to the ones I posted today I just linked them in :)
    Have a lovely weekend!!

  4. Lovely flowers.
    I don't know Lou,
    but will seek her
    out. Have a wonderful
    weekend, Laura!
    xx Suzanne

  5. Ahh hi Laura - thanks so much for the lovely kind mention, I am touched. The vouchers couldn't have gone to a better place so I am really pleased. I did wonder what was going on when I noticed a handful of new followers had arrived overnight! Thanks for the recommendation. Lou x

  6. Lovely flowers - well done Mr Place for Tea! It's funny you mention dead flowers as probably not being too good, as I'd read the latest post on this blog - - earlier - some fab dead flowers there! I shall away and check out Lou's blog! Have a good weekend! Abby x

  7. Hi lovely,

    Look at you with your gorgeous flowers AND giveaway winnings. I'm green with envy!! ;-)

    That's so sweet that your husband bought you just what you love.


  8. Lovely bouquet!!
    For Valentine's Day my 11yr old son picked out the tackest bouquet of flowers (Walmart not much to choose from) red and white carnations with baby breath in a pink plastic vase but I have to say I love it to pieces because it was from him. He was so proud!
    I have to check out Lou!

    Pamela ox

  9. love you...
    love our gorgeous gal Lou....

    melissa xx

    a belle & boo gift voucher- lovely- enjoy it hon xxx

  10. What a sweet bouquet ;) I hope your day was special. Off to visit Lou

  11. We lived in Paris for two years and the flower markets are open on Sundays (when little else is). It's customary to bring flowers to Sunday dinner. There was also a saying that any man carrying flowers is handsome. :) I loved that.
    Mary Ann

  12. Goodevening Laura!
    Well, just read the your last two posts, was away for a few days, and have to say, I love being your blogfriend, even though we are far away, I feel that if you weren't we would have a blast! Love that blogging brings people more together and what you wrote, about daily life was already there but now we capture it, beautiful said! Also, totally forgot to tell you, I also love your sentence 'running with a pack' from a couple of posts ago. So you see, your words keep floating in and out of my head, just so you know, someone on the other side of the world is glad that you blog!
    I already follow Lou, great lady, and yes, I have Belle and Boo envy, but I don't need to be, cause I ordered some things just last week... So Laura, it's late here, time for me to hit my bed, big hugs and see you later!
    Maureen x

  13. Oh, one more thing, seeing that I still am behind this computer...
    Love your table cloth, if you don't want it anymore, my table will be happy to dance around in it... just saying...xx

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

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