Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Blogging & friendship...

When I first jumped into this blogging malarkey, I don't know what I expected of it, or for that matter, why I was doing it... I'd been reading blogs for a while and I guess I just wanted to join in... wanted to create, write... document my life... stop and smell the coffee (or tea, in my case)... Life is there, happening every day on your doorstep and all too often, we close the door on it. Letting it slip by without even a mention... but the simple act of recording life's daily events makes us slow down, linger on an image viewed through once-tired eyes... it was all there before, but there was never a reason to capture it, a reason to preserve these precious times...

When I was very little, I found a four-leaved clover on the lawn (we didn't maintain the grass too well). I plucked it from the ground and placed it in our huge leather-bound family dictionary and it is still there to this day. You can open that book today and that memory of lying on the grass on a hot summer's day is right there somewhere in the middle of a musty old page... probably around the letter M's... and that is how I feel about this blog... one day I read these entries and be taken back these happy days...

Anyhoo, this blog has now become so much more than a record of my life... it has brought me something very dear... friendship... Friendship from people I will probably never meet, other than in 'Blogland'... but, nevertheless, I feel the warmth of their friendship, as though it were the sun streaming through my windows. It can be in the form of an e-mail to check how I am or some encouraging words posted in a comment... but, today, friendship came in a parcel...

The lovely Melissa, who writes Miss Sew and So, sent a parcel for me and my girls for Christmas via snail mail... it landed on my doorstep today... So, beautifully-wrapped, I welled up at the sheer thoughtfulness of it... even if it had been an half-eaten Mars bar in there, it wouldn't have mattered (for the record, it wasn't... it was a box of loveliness)...

I cannot express enough gratitude... this random act of kindness tells me that friendship can cross an ocean... can be gained via an exchange of words in an e-mail or merely a comment at the end of a post...

When I first corresponded with the sweet Melissa, I mentioned that she was like a modern day pen-friend, and the beauty of this blog is that I feel I can now say I have so many pen-friends... fortunate for you guys, though, you don't have to endure my awful written French!
Take care all, and, if you get a chance, pop over to Melissa, and just tell her how wonderful she is...



  1. I really wish there was blogging back when my kids were little. So I would have a better record to look back on for this old memory that seems to be lapsing lately. I was never good at any of their baby books. Sad but true.

    What a sweet treat to get the package from Melissa!

  2. What a truly lovely thing to read about. Yours and Melissa's are two of my absolute favourite blogs.
    I am a morning coffee drinker (time to check in with Miss Sew & So )and an afternoon tea drinker (time to check in with you!).
    Blogging makes the world so much smaller and friendlier. x

  3. What a lovely post - sweet pictures! I really like blogging - but when I was young and had my little girls, I think I would have really loved it!! Your 'penpal' sounds a treasure! Abby x

  4. drinking tea - reading your blog - comforting a tearful daughter - all's good i'm glad i'm blogging myself and happy i found your beautiful blog.

  5. morning lovely friend...too far away but i'll take *pen-friend* any day...

    ahhhh a huge sigh of relief....its there at last...hope those red robins are still needed to warm your feet....!

    my big girl...miss.ella did all the wrapping- it's her latest thing! bless her!

    enjoy it all my your photos...those little bits of england just fit right in!

    hugs from here to there...melissa xxx

  6. a really touching post ... and such sweet pictures x

  7. Isn't that lovely! The way you describe the warmth of bloggers is just perfect. I feel the same way :)

  8. What a lovely read.

    I love your photography, the pictures are amazing, wish I could take photos like this, more practise is needed me thinks.

    Bee happy x

  9. I think there are days that we could all use that 'keep calm and carry on' sign posted somewhere in our home.

    Have a wonderful day!


  10. Blogging is wonderful...I have met so many kindred souls!!
    Beautiful post!

  11. Ah, Laura, you and Melissa are two of my all-time favourite bloggers. You both have huge hearts and delightful takes on life. J x

  12. What a lovely post. I have just found my way here and love it!!

  13. Beautiful post. Following you.
    Mary Ann
    PS. Have you done a post on your favorite teas?

  14. I totally agree on the blogging!
    I find it a way to even more appreciate all that I have and those I love. To capture them in photos and then writing about them is a calm and intimate way of treasuring them a little bit more.
    Your blog is beautiful! Thank you for sharing!


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