Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Slice of England in Pennsylvania

We're at the Poconos and I'm once again reminded just how relaxing this place is. We don't get to visit here as often as we would like, now that we have the little ones... Travelling lightly or nipping away for the weekend with toddlers is pretty much non-existent, and so, when we do the 'Effort v Enjoyment' calculation, I usually deem that the effort exerted outweighs any enjoyment garnished... However, when I am entertaining, I view life through new and improved glasses... and so the get-a-way  cabin becomes all the more desirable... I mean, just look at the mountains, lakes, and fresh air.. I get so good at selling this place, I sell it to myself!

Anyways, a few years back, the hubby and I found a place called 'The Settlers Inn' in a little town named Hawley, and this place has become a unique selling point for me... Hawley echoes an age that has long gone. Within this quaint town is an Inn that gives more than a graceful nod to an English pub. With it's English craftsman interior, English ales, and a stunning English cottage garden, I'd be forgiven for thinking I'd hoofed it back to the mother country!

As much as I lurve the ole USA, I certainly miss a good English pub... the beer garden in the summer, the crackling fire in the winter... oh, how I yearn for these... but, boy does this place deliver... It's like a little slice of England in the USA.  

So there we were today, sat on the deck... the hubby tucking into some fantastic food, me drinking a lovely cup of tea (would have been even better if it were a PG)... 

The gardens are amazing... perfect for walking around after eating a delicious lunch...

We then popped into the garden shop attached to the Inn called 'The Potting Shed'... the hubby picked up a cowboy hat, which he assured me was actually a gardening hat... I was just too busy perusing the beautiful gardening accessories... namely a large basket for carrying flowers and vegetables around the garden... not that I have a vegetable patch, but I would have used this basket if I had....

We then strolled along the river, where my brother showed off his 'stone skimming' prowess... the hubby watched in awe...

All in all, this place makes me realise that I don't have to be in England to appreciate beauty and a good pub... It's right here on my doorstep...

Hoping that everyone out there is also having a fantastic weekend and making the most of this beautiful summer!


  1. Thanks for taking us with you... looks like it was a great day

  2. Hi Laura,
    Thanks so much for visiting me! I will have that cup of tea, thank you, so I can start reading what you write in your blog. Have a good Monday!
    ps: love your header photo!


  3. Hi Laura! Thank you so much for your kindest comments....I wish you good luck with your new born blog, it's a lovely experience!!! Talk soon,

    xx Zaira

  4. I wish I lived near here. If I did I'd so check it out.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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