Monday, August 9, 2010

Basket ♥

Now, I am a girl that loves a basket... I think I mentioned before that I live in a small tiny house and so, storage is at a premium... I could just fill the house with lots of clear plastic containers (and, let me tell you that the girl's room has it's fair few of those), but where's the beauty in that? Practical is sooo over rated...
Anyways, I'm always on the hunt for a good basket to solve another storage quandry... Shoes next to the front door... basket... toys under the coffee table... basket... DVD's under the TV... basket... bric-a-brac in the kitchen... basket...  Getting the picture? Well, sometimes I need to buy a basket for no reason at all, other than 'I like it!'

During our Cape Cod vacation, I coveted a basket... a basket that would have no functionality, other than to look pretty. The hubby did not share the 'love' and so it took some convincing to bring this baby home... but eventually, he saw the light and gave me the green light to get it... no telling me twice! I also had to buy a small cup (that fits perfectly inside... I'm a marketers dream)...

I have to say, I lurve this basket this with a capital 'L'.. I love that it's so small, it's impractical... It will fit in our house just fine... We love small and impractical in this place!
What was the last impractical thing that you brought, for no other reason than you just 'had' to have it? Leave a comment and let me know... I'd love to hear from you...


  1. Your basket is adorable. So glad you bought it. Some times the only purpose an item needs to have is to make you smile. I guess it would be more blue jars for me. I have some already but if it's different size then I must have it :)

    Love the shelf you have it hanging from too!

  2. What a lovely blog you have here and I LOVE your little basket...practical or not :) I also have many, many baskets, some for no purpose other than I love them. So nice to stop by!

  3. i love that little basket laura- and honey my life is full of little impractical things that i absolutely do not need!!!!! but you sort of do need them as they are the things that make a house a home....
    melissa x

  4. Flowers always look better to me in baskets.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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