Saturday, August 28, 2010

Normal Service Resumed...

Firstly, I'll apologise for the sporadic posting over the past couple of weeks; with visitors in town, my nights on the laptop are few and far between... Anyways... today, my brother returned to the UK, and so, I write with a heavy heart... I'm not going to harp on about how much I miss my family though. I think that that is a given for anyone who has chosen to emigrate... all I will say to all you folk living near your family is, make the most of them...
Me & my brother circa 1980... Wow, look at that wallpaper and not forgetting my brothers attempt at growing a moustache! 
Anyhoo, on a much lighter note, there are a couple of advantages to my sibling's departure.. namely, that we will get our bed back. Yes, the house is that small that I will give up my own bed. The hubby and I have been bunking up with the girls, for the past week or so, which they naturally loved... Now, I can sing the praises of the aero-bed for a night or so, but, after four nights, it becomes less like sleeping on air and more like nails! Hallelujah for my bed!!  It may not be a swanky bed, and it may not look like a bed from a Beautiful Homes magazine, but, for tonight, it is my dream bed!
My lovely imperfect bed... after the girls had rolled around in it...
The second plus point at being back to a four member family is that our shopping bill will decrease to a normal level (and not like we are feeding a boy scout troop!). I really didn't realise just how much men and teenage boys eat... talk about hollow legs! I just hope that my girls don't grow up into teenage eating machines, otherwise the hubby and I are off to the poor house!

Yes... I do eat that many biscuits...
Anyways, tomorrow, after having a lovely nights sleep, I intend on waking up, savouring my tea and biscuits in the peace and quite of the early morning, donning my marigolds (rubber gloves), and cleaning this messy house! Boy, is it messy!!
Poised ready for battle with the mess!

After all that, I think I'll sink into an armchair and plan what my guest room will look like... Of course, one day, this tiny house will have one... one day...
Hope you are all having a fantastic weekend!


  1. Hi Laura!
    Well, I know all about visiting family or friends. After they leave, I always feel a bit sad, although there is extra food to buy or extra cleaning to do afterwards. Enjoy the quitness with some tea.
    Have a good Sunday,

  2. oh hon -i'm about to have family from australia again- we ADORE it...but there is always the chaos of moving the kiddos around -various bedroom moves etc for the guests.....
    ahhh...the blessing of a rare guest room!
    hope you having a lovely weekend...
    melissa xx

  3. Hi Laura,
    It's just me again... First, thank you so much for leaving me comments! Second, I just read your oar story, I laughed, you write funny you know that? Why am I back? Just to let you know, that one of my girlfriends from my post, read your comment and she choked up... I hope you and your friend can be more with each other when the baby (boy?) arrives.
    Have a good night,

  4. One of my best friends married a Brit, and as often as the families visit each other, I know it's never enough! I live within five minutes from my family and joke that it's easy to like your family when they are far away! Joking, I know I'm fortunate. Looking forward to reading more of your blog!


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