Friday, July 22, 2011

Hot, hot, hot...

Phew, it's hot in NJ at the mo'!
And, when I say hot, I mean really hot. I told my mum today during our daily chit chat that it reminded me of when I used to go for my annual fortnight (two weeks) holiday to sunnier climes. I'd leave Blighty dressed in English summer garb (jeans, sweaters, rain coat), land in the Med, descend from the plane, and then, I was hit by the heat. Like stepping into an oven. That's how I feel when I leave the comfort of air conditioning. Can I just say a little thank you prayer for air conditioning!!!

Anyhoo, this is definitely not the weather for a delicate English Rose such as myself (cough, cough). And so, I find myself skulking around my dark house. Dark, because this place has way too many windows... think greenhouse... so, the blinds stay closed and I seek solace in the glory of AC (that would be air conditioning and not Atlantic City).

Nevertheless, every now and then, I feel I should be making the most of the sunshine (a Brit gal never takes a sunny day for granted), and I attempt to leave this little old place only to find myself scuttling towards the nearest cool building... and you know what? Shops have awesome air conditioning (... and I didn't think they could be any more inviting).

So, I find myself mooching around supermarkets for far too long, perusing aisles that I never usually bother dragging myself down... and you know what that equals? Stonking food bill. Oh, and a cupboard full of food that I don't know how to cook. Eek, I hope the kids enjoy curried yak!! Just kidding folks they were all out of Yak today!

So the point of this post? Ah yes, to share these flowers with you. Beautiful, aren't they? I think I might have to shoe horn this variety of Hydrangea into my garden somewhere. I love the cone of flowers. I had to double-take when I saw them, as I thought they were lilacs... In July?? That would be just plain silly!
And, what's more... these lovely flowers are home grown here in NJ. I think I'm starting to get the Jersey Pride now.. Well, for some of it's offerings anyway... I don't think I'll ever warm to  Mike 'The Situation' and ilk!!

Have a great weekend all.
Take care.


  1. the heat is unbelievable here, too. last night at 9:00 pm it was 94*. that's just wrong! we have been spending so much time inside and it is showing in the kids' behavior...and mine : )

  2. It's hot where I live too, but we don't have the humidity that the east coast has suffered. It's time for a lot of ice tea! Hope you have a great weekend.

  3. Love, love, love your flowes, great big frothy blooms, fab!

    I donr cope with heat at all, more of a spring & autum girl myself, so sending you some fresh air from Derbyshire,,,,



  4. I love the flowers, i must get some hydrangeas to put in my new garden x

  5. Oh, Laura, today in Hobart, it's been 11 degrees with snow on the Mountain! Talk about extremes. And those hydrangeas are just heavenly. J x

  6. We could do with a little warm weather in Sydney at the moment, great flowers.

  7. Don't forget to eat lots of ice cream too :). Love your photos as always - so signature 'you' XOL

  8. Our daughter is moving to England in three weeks. (Bicester) She is so looking forward to switching Chicago weather for English weather.


  9. I just can't imagine that sort of heat, especially as I'm sitting here with a cardi on.

    I love your kitchen and really love that chest of draws with the big key, yes I want that.. :) x


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