Monday, July 25, 2011

A cool basket...

With all this hot weather, there's only so much indoor time the kids can take. Indoor activities had been exhausted and, although shopping is my favourite past time, the kiddies do not share my enthusiasm... so, what to do?? If only I could combine the joys of air-conditioned shopping with fun kids' activities... wait a minute... doesn't Ikea have a ball room? Light-bulb dazzling above head...  Kids strapped into the car faster than a ice-lolly melting in the mid-day sun, and we're off for a sojourn at Ikea!
Now, I've got to say when it comes to Ikea, I never really go there with a plan ('dangerous shopping,' I hear you say), but as I don't have the finances or room for anything more in this little old place, I go on the Ikea pilgrimage safe in the knowledge that any purchases will fit amply in the yellow bag!

Anyhoo, I popped the eldest in the ball room (thank heavens she's grown those couple of inches... we were shy for quite a few visits) and basked in the loveliness of air conditioning and pared-down Swedish design.
The youngest and I plopped ourselves on the Ektorp couch and both agreed that this would be perfect in our living room. She then critiqued all of the rooms, declaring 'I would live in this room, Mummy'... Bless, my influence is definitely rubbing off on her... We then we hit the marketplace. Definitely the area of Ikea where I lose my senses.
I made it through the kitchen section and that old yellow bag was still empty... bathrooms (nada).... fabric... slightly tempted by a jaunty stripe... bedding... oohhh, rose bedding for the girls... no, no don't impulse shop... Storage... schreeechhh... ahhh... Baskets. My weakness...

...but, where to put yet more baskets... ahhh, yes... above the kitchen cabinets!! That's right, it's wasted space, and I was only reading in a housey mag the other day that, 'the space above kitchen cabinets is often overlooked and should be utilised in a small house'... and if there's one thing my house is, it's small!

So, I promptly put said baskets in the yellow bag (and it held all of them)... except the ones in my hands... oh, and the one in my youngest hands (now being used to hold her Strawberry Shortcake doll)... and the one on top of my eldest's head (she'd rejoined the party and decided that baskets were this years head gear... Lady Gaga, eat your heart out!)..

All in all, this had been a successful trip. My eldest had a blast playing in the ball pit, the youngest had run herself ragged sampling the furniture, and I had come up with yet another storage solution!! The best bit of all, though... all this was achieved cooly!!

Oh, and just in case you were wondering... I don't keep the 'Post' basket up top with the gods... that would be far too impractical!

Take care all.


  1. Smiling as I'm reading this Laura. We have just come out the other side of the right age for the Ikea play area. My eight year old was quite sad that she no longer "fits into" the play area. I've also got loads of those baskets in my kitchen, one for post, one for keys and stuff and others just because they look nice. Did they have the white ones too - I've got those in the laundry and the the study! They are made to measure above your lovely kitchen cupboards.

  2. The baskets are really cute and look wonderful atop your cabinets! How you fit all those in your bag amazes me!! So glad you and the children had a good day!


  3. I'm sitting here with my first cuppa of the morning at my kitchen table smiling all over my face, what a lovely read Laura..:) so enjoyed that.

    Do you know I have never been to Ikea, the closest one is in London. Love those baskets just the right colour, and the one you made for post is such a great idea x

  4. Isn't Ikea the greatest!? Love it here, always come away with goodies :) great idea with the baskets up high and love your post basket. Have a great week. Love your kitchen by the way.

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  5. It makes me happy (and proud!) to read that you like IKEA!
    I love it too :-)
    It looks great with those baskets above the cabinets. I totally love baskets too and my hubby always look worried, passing the basket section...

  6. Love the baskets! I, too, have my eye on an Ektorp couch!!!

  7. Love IKEA and
    it was quite the
    destination event
    when my kids were
    little! I think
    your baskets really
    warm up the kitchen.
    xx Suzanne

  8. Sounds like Ikea was a great solution with the heat! (Now can you send some of it over to the UK?)
    Totally love the baskets you found :) - Melissa x

  9. They look like nice strong baskets, like the look of your kitchen.

  10. Loooove Ikea & Have to admit I have a wicker mountain here at 12
    Any not in use, goes in the loft, after all, as I say to my G, you never know....
    Really like the post basket!

  11. I love baskets as well! I love the color or stain on the baskets.They look great above your cabinets!

  12. Smiling picturing the basket-adorned crew following those floor arrows through Ikea!
    xo Cathy

  13. Your post really made me laugh... I'm sending you a little cool air from France as we had the coolest month of July ever!

  14. laura what a fun trip to ikea. i just did the exact same thing which is to use the wasted space above the kitchen cabinets to hold my baskets! i even blogged about it, too! :)

  15. Love Ikea, and what a great way to keep cool!!! Those baskets certainly were an excellent idea to go on top of your kitchen units.

  16. I love Ikea. I never go there with a list either. People think we're mad but it's always a bit of a day out for us! I love getting home and looking through all the random things I've bought!

  17. Reading this post made me smile! Thank you!

  18. Very fun idea. I need to get to IKEA for a darling little tray with yellow tea cups on it . . . from the new catalogue.


  19. They look great with your 'new' cabinets :)

  20. Al the photos are stunning and marvelous. Basically I am overwhelmed with the basket post. That reminds me of the old days when I used to enjoy the excitement with friends and relatives during my study period. Awesome those days were.

  21. Just gorgeous, Laura. You are a hoot! That post basket is just fabulous, you clever cookie. I am lamenting the fact that IKEA hasn't made it down to Hobart. We were only 5 minutes' drive away from it in Sydney. *Sigh*. Enjoy your brilliant new storage! J x

  22. Oooh, I have those baskets too. You can never have too many baskets in my opinion! They look great above your units. Great idea! I love a trip to Ikea with our little one. He got one of the mini trolleys last time we went and was in his element with it!

  23. love love love this!!

    you are one smart cookie- most girls would have sighed over the baskets and moved on...but you kept at it till you had a mental place for them...and then obviously purchased the lot!!

    ikea is just the perfect *fix* isn't it...
    always my drug of choice...with a lovely glass of wine!

    what ya got in them??????

    melissa xx


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