Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Flower & a right royal knees-up...

Okay, I was supposed to post this last night, but preparations for our Royal Wedding Tea Party ran over...

As I just missed out on the action back in Blighty, I figured I would bring a little of the Blighty hullabaloo to New Jersey. Granted, it's not the same as the street party I experienced as a child for Charles and Diana's wedding day, but I didn't want the day to pass by unnoticed by my little ones. To this day, I still remember the build-up to our street party... making the decorations, hanging the bunting, and then, the wonderful party which followed.

On the day of the wedding, our telly blew up, so we all sat around a neighbour's and watched the ceremony before spilling out onto the cul-de-sac and partying...

Oh, the memories... I dressed as a fairy for a fancy dress party and we still laugh at the pictures of me, with my skinny legs encased in white tights... ahhh, good times...

Anyhoo, now that we have watched and celebrated, and (between you and I) shed a little tear, I can now share my belated Friday Flower with you...

... beautiful and simple snapdragons... it won't be long before I'll be planting these in our garden to enjoy all summer long, but for now, I'll take them in the kitchen...
Today's Friday Flower is dedicated to Deborah over at A Fisherman's Cottage. The title immediately had me hooked. I couldn't think of anything more romantic than living in a little fisherman's cottage in one of my favourite places... Norfolk... and then, added to this is the fact that she takes beautiful pictures of her wonderful cottage, flowers, and anything else that takes her fancy... each picture, so beautifully put together and inspiring...  Her blog is a must-read, and I guarantee if you pop over, you'll be just as enamoured with The Fisherman's Cottage, as I am.

Righty-o, I best get off as I have a weekend jam-packed with beach clean-ups and painting (naturally), but, before I leave, I just have to say how my heart swelled with pride as I watched my beloved country come together and celebrate such a beautiful occasion. It really was a treat to watch every last minute of it... and, as the BBC news anchor ended the show, my youngest daughter turned to me and said 'It's the happy-ever-after part, Mummy'... cue small tear rolling down my cheek...

Sorry there's no opportunity to link up this week folks, but for some reason I was unable to get the linky widget to work... apologies!


  1. Love your photos!!
    You made me feel to think you were a child when Diana was married and I was a young teenage babysitting watching the whole thing!!
    I am so happy for Kate and Willliam but just a little sad that Diana could not be here to witness it. I am sure she would be so pleased with her son's choice!
    What did you think of Kate's dress? So much debate over here on facebook as to if anyone liked her dress. I thought she looked elegant like Grace Kelly!

  2. Ditto the comment,
    above.....I was a
    royal-struck teen
    when Chas & Di were
    wed....It was all so
    very exciting, waking
    up in the wee hours
    to watch events unfold!
    Love your decorations
    and how you made it a
    special day for your
    girls, too!
    xx Suzanne

  3. All that is wonderful and endearing about Britain was on show for everyone, Laura! What a truly eventful day! Cheers!

  4. I love the little party you threw in honor of this great occasion. I stayed up most of the night to watch it but, didn't make it all the way through. It really was lovely!


  5. What lovely memories :)
    Your decorations look beautiful too.

  6. Kids say the sweetest things...

  7. It was a beautiful wedding and we celebrated at our house.


  8. Oh, a gorgeous post, Laura. What a splendid job you did creating such a memorable occasion for your family. Your girls will cherish those memories. It brought back all those 30 year old memories for me, too. Just lovely. J x

  9. Congrats on the royal wedding!
    They looked gorgeous and I must say I thought a whole lot of the lovely Lady Diana, watching her son getting ready for his marriage. He looks like her a lot and how proud she would have been.
    A beautiful couple!
    Lovely pics from your beautiful home, also!

  10. Your decorations look great! It was a lovely wedding, wasn't it - we certainly do pageantry and pomp well! I wanted to be cynical, but got drawn in! I thought she looked beautiful. Abby x

  11. Gorgeous photos, and you really did put a lot of effort into your very own little 'Royal wedding' party there! It certainly made me proud to be British as I watched the whole thing. Wasn't it wonderful. They looked so happy, Kate looked radiant and the dress was stunning. How wonderful to have something to bring people together and feel really happy about, if only for a day!!

  12. It was a wonderful day, wasn't it? It looks like you had a lovely celebration at home. Your kids are so lucky to grow up in a cross-cultural home to celebrate two wonderful countries, and to feel connected to both. XOL

  13. Ah wasn't it lovely?
    Makes you proud to be British!
    Many a tear rolled down my cheek,
    I loved it.

  14. Oh Laura, I was just thinking was gorgeous photos and the memories you brought to mind of a street party I went to as a child for the Queens Silver Jubilee when I saw my name .. thank you for your kind words :) I have a very big smile on my face x

  15. Love the fact that you decorated your place for the girls. Off to say hi to Deborah.

  16. Laura, your country did you proud. There is not doubt about it England certainly does 'pomp and ceremony' very well. The wedding was an absolute delight to watch and we had a lovely social couple of days in our village. I think the occasion made everyone feel happy and hopeful...especially for this lovely young couple. Having watched all the previous royal weddings at home in Australia, I will always remember this one with great fondness, having experienced it in ole blightly!! Robx

  17. It looks like a lovely celebration for a lovely wedding!

  18. So happy I found your blog and wow that cake looks amazing!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Glad that you had a proper British tea celebration for the wedding! That cream cake looks delish!

  20. Those cupcakes looked really good. I hope sometime you can share with us the recipe.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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