Thursday, April 21, 2011

Friday Flower returns...

Hello there, lovelies...
I'd like to say I achieved a lot this week, but the old jet-lag really took it's toll on me... so, I've done nothing more than mooch around, take the kiddies on a bike ride, a spot of gardening and a little bit of baking... it's good to be back at the helm and serving up dinner again. I actually missed dishing out food to my very appreciative husband... I think he missed it, too ;-)

The old house is looking a little dishevelled at the moment... partly due to my landing and unpacking all my goodies from England... even though this little old place is pretty much tapped out on space, I still managed to haul even more stuff across the Atlantic on the premise that I would simply find space for it on my return... that's where I'm becoming a little unstuck, as there just isn't any. So, for now, my kitchen counter tops have that cluttered look, but what the heck, I think that's the look I'm going for anyway...

Anyhoo, I added more jobs to my ever growing list of things I need to achieve / complete... of course, the kitchen cabinets are still midway through... the garden now needs tending to and I picked up some dotty fabric in the UK to make a Roman blind for the back door... the hubby has laid down the law, though, and said that no new projects can be started until the kitchen is completed... the "open shelf" look is beginning to grate, I think...

Well, I'm starting to waffle, so I'll wrap up this post by telling you that these lovely blooms were my welcome home bunch from the hubby... he's such a sweetie... and the jug is one of my trans-Atlantic finds, although no money was transferred for this (the best type of purchase), as this was my grandma's. Apparently, it used to sit underneath her kitchen sink. It was on it's way to the charity shop until I salvaged it out of the box... along with some other treasures... seriously, an afternoon in my Mum's attic is the best day spent thrifting!
Okay, chicks, wishing you all a beautiful, relaxing weekend. If in Blighty, enjoy the Easter break and sunshine... a rare gift!
Catch you next week.


  1. What gorgeous flowers and very thoughtful of hubby. I get in trouble all the time for bringing more things home. I say I'm trying to make the house look pretty but 'the other half' thinks it's just mess.
    What's a girl to do?
    Have a lovely Easter :)

  2. Gorgeous flowers - lovely bright colours. And the jug is to die for! Well done. Enjoy the weekend! Abby x

  3. It sounds like you had a wonderful stay in England! It's always fun to being treasure like the jug home...I love the color. Your hubby is a sweetie to give you flowers!!

    Happy Easter, Laura!


  4. Gorgeous flowers, awwwwwww!!! happy easter, angie

  5. I love that jug, it's amazing and I can't believe it was going out...!
    It sounds like you had a good time in UK.
    We're off to go there this summer, it's quite cosy!

    I wish you a Happy Easter and I hope you have such wonderful weather too, as we have!

  6. Love your post, you had fun over here!! Lovely colours, lovely flowers!!

  7. I love your grandma's jug - what a good find! The flowers from hubby are gorgeous - that was a sweet touch from him. Have a lovely Easter weekend.

  8. Welcome back Laura! I love your vintage jug.

  9. Oh that jug is gorgeous, especially with those flowers, and will be all the more special because it was your Grandmas! I hope you have a relaxing Easter break! X

  10. I love the unusual handle on your 'new' jug - lovely color too! Welcome home :) Beautiful fabric too! XOL

  11. hi- not quite sure how I landed on your blog, but as I do ALWAYS do as I'm told (!) I obeyed the words on your header, put the kettle on and had a nice cuppa while I read your posts :)

    I think all Grandma's must've had a flower vase under the sink, and they're always very pretty and under-rated by the rest of the's a good job there's someone who'll appreciate it as much as Gran did!

    Have a great w.e

  12. Welcome back :).. just love your flowers with the spotty fabric and the little wire basket, so pretty.. I do the same when I'm at my Mums x

  13. Glad you enjoyed your holiday the jug is lovely and even more special as it belonged to your Gran. Love the flowers - I got some from my hubby but I did have to ask - spray carnations from the supermarket - better than nothing and they were cheap.

  14. Hello! This is my first visit, but I just wanted to say that I *love* your Friday Flowers tradition. Coincidentally, my post yesterday was about flowers, too! I knew I wanted to share that joy, but I wasn't sure how, assuming I can't afford to order bouquet delivery to everyone I love. Then I came across your page this morning.
    I was wondering if you would let me borrow your idea of dedicating flowers to people? I would link back to your site to give you credit for the idea, of course.

  15. Hi lovely lady. I hope you and your lovely family have a Happy Easter.

  16. Welcome home, Laura!
    I know the first few
    days back are always
    tough when I separate
    from my mom, but it IS
    good to get back in the
    routines, too. Sending
    you Easter joy and hopes
    for a lovely, sunny day!
    xx Suzanne

  17. Hello lovely! Oh getting home and unpacking treasures lovely-isn't it!
    Especially one with a family history found in your mums attic!
    That vase is gorgeous-can you take another shot of the handle-it looks lovely!
    So your list has grown-travelling back to England has inspired a whole new list I'm sure!
    Aren't husbands wonderful -flowers & appreciation -bless him!
    Hope you have a gorgeous Easter with all in your cottage...hugs and huge friendship to you hon xxx M xxx

  18. Hi Laura, isn't it nice to be home after travelling. We got back from Paris at 11pm last night and I'm sitting up in bed catching up in blog land. I have a zillion photos to download and probably just as much washing! I'm dying to hear all about your travels, it must have been nice to go home and see your family and friends. England is looking lovely as it greens up...I keep telling the Aussies back home how beautiful it is in the spring (on a nice day). Happy Easter, Robx

  19. Beautiful flowers, welcome home! Glad to hear you had a lovely time over here, and what a wonderful souvenir to bring back with you. Hope the jet lag eases soon x


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