Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A day in the garden...

Hello there,
I was planning on posting on Sunday night, but I've been knuckling down with the painting of the kitchen cabinets... I think I've mentioned this project before... cough, cough... So, the bases are all ready and awaiting the completion of the doors.... I've got to say, though, that when I started out this job, I really didn't take into account just how tedious a task it would be. Needless to say, come Sunday morning, I was in the 'it will just have to do' frame of mind, desperate to get in the garden, enjoy the sun, and hunt for Easter eggs...

My wise owl, nestled behind some creeping phlox...
Our garden is ever-evolving... when we moved in, it was bereft of any plants... not even a stick... nothing, nada. In those days, it was the 'yard.' But, over the years, we have attempted to create a 'garden'... it sounds so much better to have a cup of tea in the garden than to sit in the yard... the latter conjures up images of sitting outside a terrace-house up north, surrounded by concrete, and a coal bunker at the back... not that I'm knocking this, as I spent many an hour in a yard just like that growing up in Nottingham!

Apple blossom... here's hoping for apples!
 Anyhoo, while away in Blighty, the hubby procured a ginormous swing set for the back of the garden... now, I did have romantic notions of a summerhouse there, complete with bunting and sling deckchairs, but the kiddies come first... so, that idea will have to go on the back burner until they are  older, we move, or we acquire more land... whichever comes first... for now, though, it serves it's purpose... the girls are occupied for hours while I potter around the garden, and that is something you can't put a price on!

The plastic chairs are a stop gap, until we get our Adirondack beauties!
Oh, and while pottering this past Easter weekend, I popped in some Forget-Me-Nots.... these grow like weeds all over my brother's garden in Blighty, sprouting up in any crack, giving off a lovely display of delicate blue flowers. While in the UK, my eldest daughter became quite enamoured by the beauty of the little Forget-Me-Not, so much so that, while at our local garden centre, she actually spotted them and correctly named them.... I guess they are a flower that you just can't forget... (get it? too lame?) Anyways, in attempting to foster a love of plants in her, we picked some up and planted them in the raised bed between the two gardens. A permanent reminder of our trip back home.

I popped a few pictures of our garden on here today, but we are currently in the process of digging up a lawn at the moment and replacing it with gravel (I'm not a lawn lass, as I just haven't the time or the know-how to maintain one). When that task has been completed, I'll share some more pictures of our little English garden... but before that, I best crack on with those cabinets...
Tulips standing to attention and a honeysuckle to attract the hummingbirds in the summer...
Ta ta for now...


  1. When the weather gets sunny, it is hard to keep me indoors. Your garden is looking beautiful! I love that you planted the forget~me~nots with your daughter, she will probably always remember this day!

    Have a good week, Laura!


  2. A lovely read as always - your little girl has definitely got good taste with her love of forget me knots. I know how you feel about painting those kitchen cupboards, I once had that task and it seemed to go on forever!! have a lovely week.

  3. You've got so many pretty things growing in your garden - I adore forget me knots.

  4. It's looking lovely, don't flowers really cheer a place up? I too love forget-me-nots, they're so delicate and sweet x

  5. It's looking lovely - and great that you've planted forget-me-nots because of your daughter - a memory now for both of you. Your garden looks great for your children. I sometimes see pics of houses and gardens in 'home' mags that are really clinical and minimalist and I wonder where the childrens' toys are and how they're missing out on all the joys of bugs and stuff in a garden. Abby x

  6. The swing set looks great, and ideal for the children. When I post photos of my garden, my bloggy friends in America always say that they like my yard (!) and I so agree with you, a yard is a small concrete area, usually with a wall each side, dividing the terraced houses!! Good post.

  7. Your garden looks beautiful! We have those plastic chairs while we hang out for Adirondacks as well :)

  8. I love forget-me-nots - they are just so adorable. We made a conscious decision not to buy a swing set for our kids, but now that they are older I sort of wish we had. Trampolines is what everyone seems to have here in our corner of the UK.

    You will be so relieved to have those gorgeous doors up soon - can't wait to see them! XOL

  9. Laura, what a cool thing to plant the forget-me-nots with your eldest daughter. i love such moments of creating family memories. i'm sure she will not forget it and forever associate those flowers with a charmed, happy childhood...

  10. Your stone owl is great! I love the quizzical expression on his face.

  11. Oh I do love forget-me-nots. They're so beautiful!
    I agree with 'Gorgeous homemaker UK', everyone seems to have a trampoline. I haven't grown one for my kids........poor lambs.
    Thanks for your sweet message. I've had a day of tea drinking and cake eating....... :-) xx

  12. hello my dear lovely friend...i'm madly hanging bunting all over this big old country house- inside and out...{there's no stopping me!!}...and i thought a cup of tea and a moment with you is what i need...and there you are showing your gorgeous growing garden and talking forjet-me-nots and bunting!
    aren't they just the loveliest little flower...no wonder they caught M's eye!
    we have them sprouting all around our front door...as an aussie gal i was instantly in LOVE as you can imagine!
    i think the hubster did so well with that incredible swing set...a summer house would be heavenly i agree...but i bet this buys you alot more time pottering in the garden than the house! the girls must never be off it!
    i am thinking of you so much this week...i know how much of your heart lays in england...and with such a big week here of holidays and celebrations i'd love you to be here...i will be toasting you with a glass of Royal pink bubbles tomorrow morning at 11am...as they tie the knot!
    huge hugs...melissa xx

  13. I've had forget-me-nots
    in other homes but don't
    here and this has reminded
    me that I love them and need
    to get a few for my kitchen
    garden, which I put in about
    three years ago at the bottom
    of the deck steps off of our
    kitchen. I see it from the
    kitchen sink and it brings me
    great joy. I am having our
    trampoline and swing set dismantled
    this spring and hauled off.
    It's a new season for us as teens
    and "tweens" aren't interested
    in utilizing them like they used
    to. So, your summerhouse days will
    come, but enjoy the swing set ones!
    xx Suzanne

  14. You've done a great job with your garden. Love the tulips from the last photo. Thanks for linking up to Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays!

  15. I am your 100th follower! :]
    Love your blog1

  16. Love the term 'pottering around'! That play set will be well-loved and well-used by your little buds.
    xo Cathy

  17. We would all love to a picture of the job you did painting the kitchen cabinets.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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