Thursday, December 9, 2010

A pickle jar snow globe

I don't know about anyone else, but I have a zillion catalogues delivered each week... Now, I'm guessing that this is somehow linked to my penchant for online buying... brochures selling the weird and the wonderful land in my mailbox and, given that I'm always on the hunt for that next idea, I always give them a quick flick through... I mean, you never know when you'll need a life size reindeer...

Anyhoo, I was flicking through one of the said catalogues the other day, when I came across a mason snow globe... apparently, in days gone by, mason jars where used to create homemade snow globes...  Even though this had all the appeal of homemade Christmassy loveliness, it certainly didn't have a homemade price tag... so I decided to set about making one of my own. I've been stashing jars away for a while... a blogger once wrote that 'they'll always come in handy' and so, following her lead, I began saving all the pretty jars... in fact, I'd go as far to say that the jar housing the product has become the clincher when picking out my jam! I am a marketer's dream...

Anyways, a Branston Pickle jar was recycled, a (waterproof) Santa tree ornament was ripped off the tree and glued to the lid using waterproof craft cement, the jar was filled with cooled boiled water and a spot of glycerin was added... voila, a homemade snow globe! I think I'll make another with one of my vintage mason jars next year, but, for now, this will do!

I'm linking up with one of my favourite blogs Hooked on Houses. Julia is holding a holiday house tour, giving all us bloggers the opportunity to share our festive posts... pop over and prepare to be dazzled...

... I'm also linking up for the first time with Frugal Friday at the Shabby Nest. I've been trying to do this for an age and finally got my act together, and produced something to link up with! It's a great round-up of all the creative ideas that are floating out there in Blogland!

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season!


  1. Cute idea and very cute pickle jar snow globe. We hang a pickle ornament on the tree for good luck.
    xo Cathy

  2. Very clever Laura, what a great idea. Robx

  3. Oh, how cute!! From the pickle jar to the Santa! Nicely done, Laura!


  4. cute.........i have this idea in my want to do file and forgot!! ty for reminding me

  5. Dear Laura,
    Oh how I missed your posts! I was so busy in Real land that I neglected Blogland and missed many things. But I'm up to date now, so all the birthdays and your mum's visit and the NY trip and till today's snowglobe (great idea btw!), I've read it all! (And you are lucky that when you want, the city is not too far away for a visit). I hope you will have a good week before the holidays start. I'll do my best to keep up and thanks for you still visiting me while I was m.i.a.....
    Sweet dreams for later, for me it's almost time for bed, bye!
    Maureen x

  6. You are so inventive, Laura - bravo you! Oh, and I love the cheery colourfulness of the photos ☺. J x

  7. Oh my goodness how fantastic is that!!! just darling and bravo to you for making your own!!

  8. How clever and thrifty. It looks great Laura - love this idea! :)

  9. Oh this brings back memories. I remember making some with the kids when they were little and they gave them out as gifts. Everyone loved them! Your is so cute :)


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