Sunday, December 19, 2010

A big thank you & a Santa sack...

It was a cold, cold night on Saturday... the Christmas tree lights were twinkling... the hubby and my eldest were cuddling on the couch under the heavy red throw (she, waiting to see if she could see Santa... he, tired from a day of Christmas shopping) while I sat in my faithful red armchair sewing a zillion buttons into the shape of the letter 'E'... you know, it takes a lot of buttons to make the letter 'E'... and, with only the soft light of the lamp, flickering blue hue of the telly, and a glass of wine in me, it sure was hard work... My eyesight is definitely not what it was, and so, by the last button, I couldn't see the needle to thread (not to mention the fact that my poor fingers had had more prickles than a hedgehog handler), so I called it a night and started the next day...

I pulled out my trusty old sewing machine and ran through the pointers my mum had bestowed on me... I even managed to change the shuttle (I gave myself a big pat on the back for that)...
Anyhoo, I had an idea as to how I wanted these to look... the hubby said that, as always, I had lofty aspirations, but I decided to go with the, 'if we don't try, we'll never know what we can achieve' attitude, and  set about making the first of the two Santa sacks... there were a few hiccups along the way, but I treat these as part of the learning process, and, maybe one day, I'll look back at these imperfections and smile at my inexperience at sewing and how it` was outweighed by my willingness to please my little girls...

... and this led me to think of you guys... yes, you ... thinking how I don't think I'd be creating for my little girls if it weren't for the fact that you so very kindly read my blog... forcing me to be creative, to try new things and push the boundaries.... Thank you so much for giving me the umph to do this. Without your kind words, I don't know if I would have tried this sewing malarkey... so, by the very act of reading this blog, you have touched my life and helped me create something that may very well be passed on to future generations (that's if my sewing holds up)...

Right now, though, I have to start sewing that letter 'M'... my poor, poor eyes...

Take care all!


  1. Laura this is a gorgeous idea. I love that letter E and even more so that you sat in your chair at Xmas with your family and lovingly sewed each and every one. What a gorgeous Santa bag and I'm happy to have been a little umph in your life. I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog and apart from being so well written with lovely pictures, you're always full of inspiring ideas. Sonia :)

  2. Laura - I think it looks beautiful! Good for you for pushing boundaries and trying new things. I admire you for that and hooray for this little blogging world! I am constantly touched and inspired bu everyone thank you! Good luck with "M"! : )

  3. Laura, the christmas sacks look lovely, what a great idea to use buttons for their initials, its so nice when you get lots of encouragement to do something I think us bloggers are truly creative!!! Lots of snow now - and the country is in chaos, we are stuck in the house as the ice is too bad to drive on (I live on top of a hill!)and it is really cold -10 at night!
    keep warm
    hugs Jillx

  4. Laura, what a lovely image I have in my mind of your Saturday evening. Beautiful Christmas sacks that I'm sure your girls will adore. x

  5. That's what so great. That we help and encourage one another. It looks fantastic! Now rest your eyes a bit.

  6. What gorgeous Santa sacks - although what a tough task for your eyes sewing all those buttons on!!

  7. Wow, that is alot of buttons to sew on. But, it looks lovely.
    Now will Santa put all his gifts in the bag.....I like that idea.

  8. It looks awesome, Laura! You should feel so pleased you've taken the tips your mum gave you and created something so lovely - Melissa xx

  9. I love that you used buttons for the letter. What a great creative idea. I looks wonderful. You girls will surely remember these little things you do for them.

  10. Amazing - I've never seen anything like it. They'll have them forever. Love it - can't wait to see the next one :)

  11. Gosh, it's SO lovely. All those shiny red buttons together, beautiful job and I'm sure your little miss e will cherish it forever! There's no turning back you know... an m must follow. Good luck!

    ps I've only been blogging since September - but i agree with your comments - it has injected so much creativity and inspiration into my daily life.

  12. Laura, that looks really pretty and challenging...way beyond me at the moment as I've partaken of far too much mulled wine this weekend...feeling a bit pickled! Robx

  13. My first visit to your blog - what a lovely header! I love tea, too:) I love your buttoned sack - gorgeous! Well done. Hope you have a lovely (English-themed!) Christmas! Abby

  14. Good evening from Norfolk UK. Your Santa sacks are terrific. I think it's wonderful that you are able to combine UK and US tradtions to give your children the very best possible Christmas. I lived in the US for 5 years, and I was astounded at the decorations etc. We still don't have anything like it over here, but we have our own way of doing things, and I guess that;s what matters.. I hope you and your family have a very merry Christmas and a a happy an healthy New Year. Blessings

  15. Oh, yea!!! Your e looks must be so happy...making these sacks will always be such a gift,

  16. Well, your "E" looks gorgeous so if I am going to take credit for inspiration...thankyou!!! I love the way you write, so descriptive and fun...great post!!

  17. Bonjour lovely friend!

    I adore your stocking! That *E* is just gorgeous!!
    How did your M go? Thank goodness you have two straight letters!
    Whenever I sew an *S* for Sol I always wonder why I didn't think this through when choosing his name!! {wink wink}!!

    You have a few new loves now- both of which I too adore....enjoy them L they make for lovely days... know the kinda weather we are having!!
    We haven't had this much snow in our village since 1972 apparently!!
    My internet has been coming and going...the post is hopefully getting through & your parcel is on it's way!!??

    Marrakech was amazing- if you ever get a chance....
    huge hugs to you this week in the lead up to christmas sweet...

    Melissa xoxox

  18. you are amazing. so, so talented! i can't darn a pair of socks or mend a hole in robert's work pants, and look at you! the sacks are perfect-just so lovely.

    p.s. you're one of those rare people who can make someone feel totally special just by mentioning their name. your posts are always insightful, awe-inspiring and peaceful. thanks so much for creating a space i want to come back to, again and again.

  19. You are so clever! The "e" is gorgoeus. I am sure the "m" will be just as divine!

    I hope that you and your beautiful family have a very Merry Christmas and that you enjoy the happiness and joy that this blessed season brings.

    Best Christmas wishes,

  20. Love in every.single.button.....
    Merry Christmas, Laura.
    xx Suzanne

  21. Oh, Honey, thanks so much for sharing this with us - just precious! I am so fascinated by how you've taken to sewing. I really want to learn but I'm not sure my mum is the best teacher. I may have to do a class.

    I'd love you to post more about your sewing like what machine you have, how you're learning and what projects you have in mind. It would be so exciting to watch your progression from novice to experienced sewer!

    Yes, this bloggy caper is so delicious, isn't it? I'm *so* delighted we've found each other this year - you've brought me great pleasure. Thanks, Lovely. J x

    PS I'm so thrilled to see you've now found my sweet Hobart friend, Sarah. She's such a gem.

    PPS Don't you have a thimble?!

  22. oooh...i love it! it's adorable! definately worth the work :)

  23. Merry Christmas across the pond to you and your famiy :) XO L


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