Friday, December 17, 2010

A Christmas yarn & a Friday Flower

So, it's almost here... am I ready? Not at all, but there are seven days left to do just about everything that needs to be done! After writing this post, I'm zooming off to the fabric store (well, zooming is perhaps and exaggeration, as I don't think you can zoom anywhere in a Nissan Versa)... anyhow, I'm picking up fabric to make the girls Santa sacks. I'd spied some in a swanky store and remembered how I would put out pillowcases as a child. Ahhh, waking up on Christmas morn, to the sight of those pillowcases bulging with gifts... One year, I was terribly sick on Christmas Eve (my mum said it was brought upon by sheer excitement.... I wish I could get that excited about life again!)... I managed to empty my stomach in practically every room in the house (sorry to share this, but there is a point)... as my poor mum set about cleaning up the mess, I sat bleary-eyed on the couch and declared, 'but, look, Mummy, Santa came'... and everything was made better (well, for me anyway)... Where am I going with this post?... Oh yeah, the Santa sacks... I'll share them with you next week... I just wanted to share a little Christmas tale with you today... showing that the magic of Christmas can be a cure for many ailments... 

Anyhoo, sorry to start reminiscing... this time of year really has that effect on me. Back to the Friday Flower. Lovely white roses, with a dash of rosemary, a sprinkle of holly, and a smattering of ivy. What a lovely combination! This week my Friday Flower is dedicated to a very talented writer. Her blog, Vintch, is like an oasis in a desert. When I see that she has posted, I steal away into my kitchen (away from the kids), turn off the radio and savour her words. Her posts are so beautifully written and descriptive... so easy to lose myself in... you know the feeling when you stumble across a well-written book and you want to share... well, that's how I feel about this blog. I don't know her name, but I promise you that if you pop over and see her, you'll surely recognize the very special talent this person has.

Wishing you all an amazing weekend. Take care.

If you would like to join in with this weeks Friday Flower, simply use the linky widget below, to link to your Friday Flower Post. You've got to love a flower!


  1. I love your Christmas story! When I was a child, I wanted a Barbie soooo badly. When I opened it on Christmas morning, I was so excited, I got sick all over it! It's a story my family still loves to tell even though it happened so long ago.

    Happy sewing!

  2. Hi Sweetie Yes, Vintch is a recent find of mine, too, and such a good read. And I love your spotty jug! I've mentioned your linky in my last post so I hope even more people find your delightful little spot in Blogland. Have a fab weekend, Laura. J x

  3. White roses are my pretty flowers - the rosemary you've added to the arrangement looks really lovely. Am off to check out Vintch...

  4. I'm sure it smells heavenly! I love the red polka dot pitcher :)

  5. You have brought back so many Christmas memories, sometimes things have gone awry, but it's always been fabulous because it was Christmas after all!

    I recently 'found' Vintch and can't get enough of her fantastic, insightful writing. I hope she attracts a great crowd.


  6. One year Santa brought us a puppy, which was the best gift ever! I've heard about pillowcases in the UK - such a sweet tradition. But so big - how does Santa fill them with so many gifts? I struggle to fill just our small stockings :)
    Have a great weekend, L

  7. Hi Laura
    Looking forward to seeing the christmas stockings! Well it has snowed in Devon and everything looks really beautiful although it has caused enormous disruptions no airports, shops closed etc, you can imagine the scenerio!
    have a good week don't work too hard keep sometime for yourself

  8. Found your sweet post from "the College of Life". Enjoyed your Christmas memories and traditions! I will perhaps enjoy getting to know you better now that I have "discovered" your blog!! Merry Christmas!!

  9. Beautiful, i love the vase! You always have the most beautiful pictures!

  10. Santa sacks, Christmas stockings, chaussettes de Noel - whatever we call them I definitely think they're the best bit of Christmas!
    My French Country Home

  11. i just saw this...crazy unsure how i missed it. please know that you totally, unbelievably made my week. what a sweet friend you are!


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